“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

You know it's spring when...

Fashion and nature divide the year in four wonderful seasons, each equally provided with its own charm, colors and signature looks. But - let's not lie about this- repeating itself over and over again. As surely as an amen at the end of a prayer there will be subtle grey and “new” black full body condom wrap for the end of the year, and that annoyingly hot, but super short sexy gear (you already know in winter you won’t fit in) for summer.

Now that you can hear the birds chirping in the morning on your way home from the club, and flowers are not only blooming in gardens but bursting out on dresses as well (the “new” floral... guilty as charged...) I guess it’s official.

Ready to catch my first ovarian inflammation due to ditching warm boots to replacing them with peep toes too early, finally really (!) buy that anti cellulite cream (see hot summer gear) and remove every single hair on legs which were gently covered in all shades of panty hoses for the past months.
And just when I was really getting in the mood I was reminded:
You definitely know it’s spring when all the fashion people are talking autumn winter already. Hmpf.


Today’s shoes are Ideal
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