“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Wohooo, Summer is Back!

Spent the last

days in total chaos. Having seen all leaves changing color outside, plus having had a lot of "meet and greets" with rain showers (the resulting "autographs" are still visible on my suedes *weep*weep*): the time felt right. Detox your wardrobe is the motto, and exchanging summer dresses for winter tweeds the mission (have been studying A\W trends for months now, that shouldn't be for nothing, right?)

Having been surrounded by piles of clothes, boxes, steamer and mothballs for days now, I finally work my way through neatly unpacking, ironing, storing and restoring everything and officially open "the cold season". Ha! That's just in time for autumn to decide to go back to where it came from and mother nature to switch on natural radiator with degrees we actually wished for monthes ago.

Wohoo, summer is back: so glad I never ever hide any pair of shoes, so am fully prepared! Out with the wedges, up in the sun! Oh, about the socks... Well, sorry, my pedicure has already gone into hibernation.


Today's shoes are Donna