“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

What's Not to Love?

Us ladies are pretty much the only species on earth I know of that can wake up grumpy for no apparent reason. Could it be because we counted sheep instead of heels while falling asleep (the latter would definitely have made us wake up happy), or that Mr. Sandman scattered weird hormones above us instead of nice dreams? We don't even know! Very unfair, and experiencing this weird circumstance this morning (aka wanting to hide under blanket and just refuse to get up), I decide to defeat it immediately. Recipe: great heels, bright colors, a little bit of quality time for myself, the necessary amount of chocolate (not in today's picture, but definitely on my hips now...) all mixed and stirred... YES!

Sometimes you need to grab Mrs. Muse and kiss her wildly yourself (cling on to her as tightly as to those Prada's you have seen lately that aren't on sale yet), don't let go until she provides you with at least some ideas and inspiration. Pfff, you can't always wait until this eccentric character is willing to kiss you, right? Or is it just because my heels have the most beautiful soles that I'm "tripping" on some pink cloud now? (aka lalala, aka what's not to love on a sunny Tuesday anyway?)

Have a beautiful day!


Today's shoes are Betsey Johnson