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What to wear #10 days in Brazil

Am famous for (always!) traveling with a bag the size of a small Volkswagen (even for a small trip to the countryside: I mean, even wellies come in different colours and patterns, and of course you need to be able to choose and change spontaneously from Hunter to Burberry...) but going to Brazil was different.

Not having read or prepared a thing, all I knew about the contintent were actually some songs and (of course) famous drinks.

Though I had to deal with the most uncomfortable situation of being totally misdressed and underwhelmingly prepared for my first Brazilian wedding (plus the humiliation of not even being able to find an appropriate dress for the occasion at Zara in Coritiba: you always find a dress at Zara!!!...), I had had some instincts about what to quickly throw in a small suitcase to cover 10 days, 4 different locations and 7 flights in total.

I am already dreaming (while unpacking) of packing my belongings for the next time: then I swear I’m gonna go with the big bag: you know that one the size of a ....


Today’s shoes are Havianas, Brian Atwood, Hermès
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