“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Weird Traditions (part one)

With Christmas looming, weird traditions all over the world are in full swing. Today the Dutch celebrate their version of "Saint Nicholas": Sinterklaas, and they're crazy about it. Their version of the saint coming to town is celebrated with a big parade when he arrives on a steamboat from Spain (erg... SPAIN? The only thing I know coming from Spain is ZARA man, not a beardy old dude). With his horse (Vespucci) and a rather scary black man (zwarte Piet) in tow (who causes a discussion about racism every year - isn't slavery soooo 1775?) he gallops over the roofs at night, delivering presents through the chimney: mainly very fattening stuff (more "sin" than "sint" if you ask me...).
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Can only hope Sinterklaas knows I'm still dieting (hello, still have 26 days of blogging left...) and will be thoughtful enough to bring me something with an inch (actually 10 inches will do).

But anyway, a good party is a good party, right - it would be a missed heel opportunity not to play along and celebrate as well. My shoes are totally ready for it.
P.S.: The Dutch are crazy.


Today's shoes are Boccaccini. They arrived from Italy