“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”


Have been working like a maniac this week and almost fell asleep between attempts to decorate house (note: Christmas baubles are not very comfortable to lie on) and computer (another note: keyboards are not either). Am already quite certain there won't be enough days in the weekend to recover (or squeeze the work in which still needs to be done). And did I mention that I have scored zero Christmas presents so far (so I'll be one of the billion people downtown tomorrow morning), and am just adding "to do's" to my lists rather than scratching them off.

Don't know why time is running so fast towards the end of the year now. Am very tempted to hand it over some of my most-impossible-to-run-in-heels, just to slow it down a little, but afraid this won't help. Only advice I have left to slow things down and stretch the moment a little: pick some good friends (read extraordinary heels), pop a good bottle, surround yourself with laughter, joy and people you love and celebrate the "it's almost Monday" blues away. Girls wanna have fun too. Have a very good weekend everyone. Cheers!


Today's shoes are Moschino