“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Wanna Be a Rock Star

Jumped into heels and almost immediately on to set when asked to do some styling work for Dikker & Thijs (fancy hotel in the heart of Amsterdam). I mean, who wouldn't want to shuffle accessoires at a place where celebrities have dined and rockstars slept? Well, hello: I would. Totally have a crush on the atmosphere of hotels anyway. They are like a novel written by the personal stories of all the guests, and from the knowing smile of the accurate and discrete hotel crew am a 100 procent sure that they know quite a few.

How nice to visit all these treasure rooms enjoying all insights and working behind the (nonetheless luxury) scenes. Top tip though: High Heels are not really advised for an up and downstairs marathon of a four story historical building. But would I stay in this lovely 4 star residence? Definitely.

Am just wondering if they could put "TV's" on the room service-menu (to order with that bottle of champagne). I always wanted to be a rockstar and book the Penthouse suite, drink all the booze and throw the TV out of the window. Am sure the lovely crew at Dikker and Thijs wouldn't tell a soul.


Today's shoes are Ballin
Today's foto was taken by Lukas Broekhuis