“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Typically Dutch

I live in a country that conquered the world (once).
And am living in that country because a Dutch man conquered me (tempted to write “once” as well, but over and over again is more true….).
So I feel entitled to defend the Dutch against all the wrong ideas people seem to have about them and their country.

Acquaintances think I am smoking joints constantly. Former colleagues think I spend more time in the red light district more than in the cinema (they love the idea though and want to come visit all the time). My ex-boyfriends think that “going Dutch” is a sex position, even though I have explained countless times it simply means to share the bill. My Mom thinks “Dutch vegetables” are tulips. Foreigners who live here think the Dutch are greedy and won’t spend a penny unless they find a discount. My friends can’t believe I ride a bike. My sister thinks I wear clogs and a funny hat, feed cows as a hobby, and my main dish is cheese.

Time for some prejudice reduction. The truth is:
YES, I wear clogs, YES, riding a bike is standard, YES, we do have canals, and when the sun is out we immediately drop everything to spend as much time possible on, or at them. And YES, my favorite accessory almost every day is a bunch of flowers. But hell: you have no idea how cheap they are. Am blending in perfectly. Now it’s time to have some cheese.


Today’s shoes are Chanel