“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Traditions, Traditions

While everybody in Holland is busy discussing whether or not the tradition of “zwarte piet” is still appropriate, I’m confronted with some traditions my own while spending time in my home country Vienna. No matter how busy the time schedule, there’s always time to squeeze in some coffee at one of my favorite places: a Viennese coffee house.
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Tradition here couldn’t be written more plastic clearly than on a Louis Vuitton Monogram bag: Old ladies with poodles (dressed their best Diva-ish) nibbling on Sachertorte, the odd school kids cutting classes (sneaking out without paying their bills), students (art class, I bet) looking all rebellious while doodling in diaries, business men eager to catch the latest news from INSANELY huge newspapers (just a wild guess, but isn’t news in ink like so yesterday?), and not to forget the always grumpy waiters giving you “THE LOOK” when you order nothing but coffee. (It’s Einspänner, Verlängerter, Kleiner Schwarzer / Brauner, Großer Schwarzer / Brauner, Melange, Cappuccino and Latte really)

And of course there’s the odd girl, fumbling with a camera to capture all that atmosphere, trying to pose and eat cake at the same time. How touristy! But her heels, man.... her heels........!


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P.S.: Metallic heels will be a huge trend next year ladies, so better include them in your traditional letter to Santa now.