“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

The Sweetest Thing

Arriving back home BF surprised me with a sweet "post-Xmas" gift: a (huge!) Tim Walker book (my favorite photographer). Nothing better than recieving a gift (pre and post presents: THE BEST) unexpectedly, but this one is an inspirational bomb too. Having been so busy for 364 days in a row now, fumbling with sets and ideas every day to present my beloved high heels, this kicks off the very last creative boost needed. Meaning: instead of going straight to bed to cure post "Xmas-partying-high-heel-hangover- and having eaten too much too"-lag, finding myself baking cupcakes (yum: will totally "roll" into 2013) and enthusiastically decorating them to take the third-last picture for this very year "Tim Walker stylie".

And just as I'm in my own inspiration bubble, I receive a photograph from my sister capturing my 7-year old nephew in action. He just built his own set (a theatre stage with curtains, clouds, lighting and everything) focussing on: the only pair of heels my sister owns. Someone obviously got very inspired over the past few days too. Now, isn't that just the sweetest thing?


Today's shoes are Campanile