“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

The Good Wive

With BF in the house again, am eager to spoil and ready to be a good wife. Pleasing my dearest with proper meal is on the menu, and since I am as much foodie as I am shoemanic (well, almost equally) and study a recipe with as much attention as I would net-a-porter, am daring to dive into the holy grail of sophisticated cooking: Julia Child's cookbook.

The poached egg it will be tonight, served with asparagus and truffles, and under Mrs. C's guidance (haha, it's EGGS, aka cooking for dummies), am sure to impress and shine by cooking up a 4-star heaven. How difficult could it be to let a raw egg slide into boiling water anyway?

Well ladies, 30 eggs, a stiff arm from twirling water with vinegar (awful smell in the house now), and a garbage bin full of something looking like a universe of exploded egg supernovas later, am now back to studying net-a-porter (100% positive to at least succeed there).
Oh, the dinner! Yeah... you know: nothing better than good old fried eggs with spinach and potato... Julia who?

Today's shoes are Carvela