“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

The fourth Element

I've always been fascinated with water, especially if it’s fermented with delicious grapes and comes in a bottle labeled 'Champagne'. And while browsing my blog archives it occurred to me that most of the top shooting locations were located near a gorgeous water environment. Welcome to my shooting special.

Totally thrown back by the marvelous settings, I started daydreaming in the middle of the winter about the rough windy beauty of Pantellaria, an island I had never heard of before. The memories of struggling in a paddle boat on lake Fuschl on a beautiful summer day and don’t get me started on the most outrageous BEST EVER journey to Brazil, with its dreamy coast line and crystal clear sea.

Everything seems so much easier when you are surrounded by that fourth element, some sun and a decent summery sandal (or wedge). Therefor I might just jump into the bath tub and pretend it’s a wild, untamed ocean. Heels on, and why not pop some champagne too. It’s water after all.


Today’s shoes are KarenMillen | Ritalaelisio | Zara
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