“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

The Crazy Aunt (Xmas Aftermath)

Guess every family treasures the existence of an odd relative, and funnily enough most of the time they are female. I cherished some of those crazy aunties: unmarried, flamboyant ladies they were, wearing gloves and seemingly all of their jewellery at once, leaving red lipstick marks on their never really empty champagne glasses, never afraid to speak out or act outspoken.

During Christmas this year, with all generations gathered - after I won the competition with the traditional tree (aka who sparkles the most), and taught a) my 5 to 10-year old nephews how to walk in 10 inches, and b) my 70-year old parents-in-law how to twerk (and take selfies at the same time), it began to dawn on me. But only the next day (when I recalled standing on the kitchen table in full glittery gear performing Robbie Williams' “I just wanna feel” trying to convince everybody to hit the next club) I was fully assured: the crazy aunt in my family might very well be me.

Can someone hand me my gloves, my jewellery stash and another cocktail please? I have something to celebrate!

Today’s shoes are totally worth the crazy