“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

The Big Night

This blog is intended to be fun and entertaining and the world of high heels isn’t really a place for politics. Well, perhaps the odd discussion about whether or not it’s politically correct to wear flats in daylight or sneakers outside a gym. With the big night that will have me glued to the TV until early morning coming up (no, not the Oscar's), I feel tempted to leave the dance floor of talking heels though to join a much more slippery stage: the US elections.

Having followed the long and most expensive presidential race in American history (*sigh* how many good things could you achieve with that money - aka invest it all in Net-a-porter...), am actually concerned. Besides my reservations about a challenger who reveals his real thoughts only on secretly recorded videos (imagine your boyfriend would do so!), am also having difficulty picturing a First Lady who follows a religion that is focused (sartorially speaking) on modesty. Above-the-knee skirts, low-cut tops (yes, I know that high necklines are trending) but worst: very high heels, are all discouraged. So I guess you know which team I'm on and leaving all puns aside (for once) will be anxiously awaiting the polls. Simply hoping: "Yes we can". "Change". "Forward".

Now back to heels.


Today's shoes are Jeffrey Campbell