“Walking on high heels, soaking up life”

Talking Oscars

It’s no secret that to win over the academy in the annual Oscar procedure you must a) play a part in a war movie (preferably WWII), b) gain or lose at least 15 pounds for the role, or c) bound and stretch for the miserable past (aka historic epic screen plays). Changing gender on screen helps too, and best if your role fits all of the above.

It was a feast this year to watch most of the actors nominated weaving their way drunk or outraged through 180 minutes, suffering the influence of drugs subscripted or just the cruelty of the non subscribed: ancient historic life. Guess Mr. Hanks is biting his fist now, regretting to only almost have drowned in water (SO NOT VODKA!), and Oprah just dialled Weight Watchers and\or her stylist to change her into a woman. Hmmmm...

Revelation of all this: Since Leonardo did not lose or gain weight for his role wallowing in vice (drugs, money, alcohol, sex), he will not get any statue tonight (again). But he couldn’t care less, he is probably having the most fun doing what he does on and off screen anyway: indulging in the company of a supermodel. I bet she wears gorgeous heels.

Today’s shoes are Dolce and Gabanna