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Happy New Year!



The long weekend after the New Year was so peaceful and inviting to do nothing that I did exactly that. Polished my heels, ate the rest of my Mom's cookies, slept in, cleaned out the Champagne bottles and before I knew, duty was calling again, and 2016 had officially started.

What a bliss to look back at the old year and give a warm welcome to 356 new days, completely free to be designed in each of your favors.
I hope they will be filled with new ideas, inspiration, laughter, health and happiness - plus the odd new shoe - which will carry you to great new places and adventures.

Have a fabulous start into the new year Shoemonsters!


Today’s shoes are Balmain

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Random House New York

Random House New York


When Hedi Slimane took on the job as chef designer at YSL and cut the “Y” out of the famous initials to change it into Saint Laurent, I was a little bit grumpy. Yves has always been one of my design heroes, and especially the shoes they created before the take-over (my dear Troopers, my sweet Tributes, my adored Triptoo’s...) are still grazing my shoe-closet as must have classics.

But then again, that was before Hedi’s first show hit the runway and with it an irresistible 80ties rock 'n roll vibe, “laid back cool” attitude, ready to boost your inner fashion “I don’t give a sh.t, I simply look that great” goddess. It’s such a pity that daily life does not come in black & white, because with wearing these clothes you will certainly feel like an aspiring groupie (whatever age) lounging somewhere backstage being captured in a random Annie Leibowitz grainy photograph.

The balance between sophisticated and that tad of sluttish-ness never felt so desirable and most certainly after I tried the (already a classic) Bianca Bow Sandal I am a fan of the footwear too. Unfortunately Hedi never returned my calls so I am still wondering about the name change, but honestly: as long as there’s some shimmering logo cherishing the bags for old YSL times sakes I am just fine.

That, and I’m forever grateful that another old’ gal is presenting the brand (hello Joni Mitchell age 71!) in the new ads, so I feel entitled to do a little advertising too.


Today’s shoes are Saint Laurent | Paul Warmer
Want them? Get them here!

Sheer Top: Bluemarine | Tassled Necklace: YSL | Jacket: La Condessa | Skirt: River Island | Fishnet thights: Wolford | Bag: Saint Laurent for YSL

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