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Weekend in Marbella

Weekend in Marbella


Boyfriend is booked to DJ in Paris (without me, grumblegrumble), my friends are off dancing at some festival and everyone else is in bed sick, so it seems am alone with my heels for the weekend. Full of self pity (sorry dear high heels) am already picturing myself in dress-code PJ's, going bananas with only buddies available (Ben & Jerry's that is), when I remember that invitation for fancy dinner at FWM's (friend with money).

Very well, a sleep-over bag is packed in no time (so stylemma PJ is solved quickly too) and the stilettos are eagerly waiting to be walked anyway so "hello weekend", am ready to rumble.

24 hours, a six course dinner and a fantastic evening with best party crowd later (Thank you FWM!!!) am considering myself a very happy gal, lying by the indoor pool, looking at a garden in Marbella (Trompe-l'œil that is, but who cares), enjoying 25 degrees. Now, where's my fan, and isn't it raining in Paris?


Today's shoes are Fendi
Today's picture was taken by the lovely Connie Fluhme