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Kim and Kanye, who?

Kim and Kanye who?


The Aragonese Castle, nestled in a volcanic rock on the outer point of the island of Ischia has seen a lot in its history, but 200 party people from Brazil must definitely be a first. The medieval castle (casted as a wedding location for Kim and Kanye) was the magnificent setting for a beautiful couple to say “I do” and we rocked the ancient stones in a four-day-lasting-wedding-blast with pleasure.

Such a beautiful location to accidentally lose a heel on the steps pretending to be “you know who” and to get lost in the night mingling with the beautiful and fashionable crowd, all looking like they came straight out of an Dolce & Gabanna ad. Although of course I would never leave a Swarovsky crystallized Giuseppe Zanotti heel behind. Are you mad?

Cinderella would have been green with envy: this party didn’t stop at midnight, there was more than one Prince Charming, everyone looked Royal (Vogue Brazil didn’t cover the event for nothing) and our gorgeous friends Pedro & Tiele sparkled more than a 1000 glass slippers could ever do, sporting the most precious and priceless accessory of all time: LOVE.

Kim & Kanye who?
P.S.: Nobody turned into a pumpkin or mouse after celebrating as far as I now.

Today’s shoes are Giuseppe Zanotti

Dress: Roberto Cavalli | Jewellery: Versace | Clutch: Swarovski
There are more pics of the fantastic event on instagram. Follow the fun!

January Obsessions

Obsessions in January


Spending most of the month indoors definitely has its advantages. Loads of time to daydream about new heels, and not going outside ruining them due to the never-ending soaking (or sucking, you choose) weather conditions. Perfect also for tucking into uplifting literature (my cousin gave me the most amazing book which will help moi emerge from hibernation as sleek and lean beauty goddess). Not that I haven't done any exercise yet, but hello: spiritual preparation will do half of the trick and otherwise: statement jewellery (see above) always distracts and keeps eyes away from anything wobbly beneath your neck.

Have also been very busy preparing for the Oscars (if you haven't already, please go see "Amour" and "Beasts of the Southern Wild", both utterly touching), and ditched champagne for once, replacing it with tea (am obsessed now, carrying little Pickwick bags in my pocket everywhere, call me tea-oholic).

And since the weather is nothing but grey it seemed quite logical to develope an utter crush on the black and white Spring/Summer trend (my favorites: stripes and graphic patterns). The latter might also totally help (conceal, conceal, conceal!) if I stay the lazy bum I have been and don't loose that stone I actually intended to. Ah, who cares: as long as my shoe size doesn't increase as well and I can still fit into those beautiful Jil Sander boots, I will be a happy gal. Cheerio!


Shoes: Mango

Socks: Falke | Skirt: Ferre | Ring: Swarovski | Bangles:Juttka & Riska | Blouse: H&M