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Feels like summer!

Feels like Summer!


Winter mood is always “nesting-bird” chic and definitely a comfort to someone suffering from fashion Tourette (new season, new colors, new outfit, new shoes, newnewnew). Muted colors, feathers and fur, PJ trousers and who cares if you hide your toes in Birkenstocks (socks still on) hibernating on the couch with loads of wine.

With the first rays of sun though, not only flowers are blooming but the fashion spirit awakens again, and after the annual panic attack (NEED TO WAX, NEED PEDI!) the desire to slip into open toes and sleeveless shirts reappears, ditching the winter coat for a very long time. YES!
Except that some of this years summer trends are quite winterly: rusty tones (70-ties), feathers on jackets (Burberry), shawls everywhere (Rock star attitude). Sorrynotsorry said all designers and I don't care either, as long as I can take the most appreciated accessory of mine everywhere: the SUN!

Will refuse that Birkenstock trend though which some idiot decided was hot in SS2015. Will save it for next winter (new season, new outfit, new shoes, newnewnew!!!!!!!!).


Today’s shoes are ZARA

Silk Shirt: Escada | Shawl: Strenesse | Necklace: YSL | Bangles: Forever21 | Ring: Vintage | Satchel: my old Kindergarden ones (it still has my old address in it) | Trousers: ZARA

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