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I ♥ Shoots

I ♥ Shoots


Shoots are always something special. The preparation, the possibility of working with talented people (hair, make-up, light, models, stylists, photographers, and, very important: the caterer!), anticipating creating something great and the best picture possible...AH! What a colorful and creative bunch of people, naturally with an attitude: we’re all artists baby, kiss-kiss, bye-bye. Having said so, I always meet the nicest people on sets and am of course very arty myself. Kiss-kiss, love the vibe!

As you are reading this, we have just finished a shoot for Aveda (which my friend Heleen initiated), so today it’s all about the hair. BIG hair. And YOUNG models.
Somewhere in the middle of make-up tubes, mirrors, and professionals stabbing maquillage on perfect skin, styling petit bodies (not an ounce of fat), fumbling with combs and hairspray to fix silky curls, it always seems that all your own flaws become mercilessly apparent. As in m.e.r.c.i.l.e.s.s.l.y.

God, I so need to do my eyebrows, check a new look, get Botox, or best a full body suction/lifting/etc. Or at least stop using that dry shampoo (the only help working late and getting up early), grab a bottle of Aveda and get my hair done properly. I ♥ shoots.... so inspiring!
How did this hairdryer work again?


Today’s shoes are Jil Venice

Pamphlet for pantyhose


When I was a teen my mother never tired of hammering into my “deaf to educational suggestions” ears, that a true lady never leaves the house without pantyhose. Preferably flesh colored. Of course, those were different times, and to my mother’s generation nylons were rare and considered to be utterly ladylike and a luxury…

No doubt I was quite busy doing the exact opposite of what I was told in my rebellious teens. These days though, every single stylist seems to be going on about how ugly nude tights are (aka more “stylemma” than stylish). And I find myself - not so different from 20 years ago - still in my habit of thinking (and doing) exactly the opposite of what I’m told. Because what on earth could be wrong with a silky 8 denier Wolford to cover winter paleness and make your legs look like Alabaster rather than Gouda?

Why not cover your oops-I-forgot-to-shave-stubble with a delicate Falke that also gives legs a sun-kissed impression (without ugly orange spray tan hue)? And most of all: who in their right mind would step out in anything less than a whiff of “den” coverage in this freezing country?

Besides, if you ask me: all those renowned (and mostly gay) stylists just envy us and secretly sport nudes and fishnets at home.

I say HURRAY to pantyhose, and YES to wearing them:

Long live the illusion of perfect, flawless, smooth legs!


Today’s shoes are Pedro Garcia

P.S.: Today’s legs are covered in “Pretty Polly”, no Photoshop necessary.