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All About Coco

All About Coco


After having experienced the effect of carrying a huge Chanel shopping bag through Antwerp (girls giving me looks ranging from suspicious to all shades of green - guys looks of pure fear after having glimpsed at their ladies), must admit have become a little addicted to the uplifting feeling of wearing the double caps logo.

Decided I need to integrate more Coco into my everyday life. Getting that trompe l'oeil tattoo (Chanel SS2010), or wearing nothing but No5 (I wonder what my colleagues would say, probably “How very Marilyn of you”...) seem reasonable options, considering that I’m broke all the time and the last bottle of hip (and affordable) seasonal nail polish is always snatched away by some fancy magazine's beauty editor.

*Sigh*. But then I saw BF's smile as he was taking today’s foto* and was reminded: The best things in life are free, only the second best are very, very expensive.


Today’s shoes are Chanel

*Won’t mention that BF was probably charmed by my strawberry cake which he knew he would be spoiled with after the shoot.... but hey: if that’s what it takes.....

P.S.: For all gal's who can't get enough Coco as well: Den Haag's Gemeentenmuseum is hosting the exhibition "Chanel the Legend" until February 2014

Shut up and put the feather mules on

Shut up and put the feather mules on


It’s BF's birthday, and being the loving caring girlfriend that I am, planned a day for his full pleasure only.Have been meticulously planning the following schedule for weeks so can't wait to:

Get up really early (thought 6-ish would be cool, aka enjoying the precious morning), do some
Qi Gong in the park (weather conditions are so "cool" as well...) followed by light snack (men love "low carb" bars don't they?).

Introduce BF to real shopping experience. Paul Smith, Ralph Lauren, Giuseppe Zanotti (oops, that one would be for me...), getting rid of the old Converse shoes and introducing Oxfords, Loafers and Jodphur boots to BF’s feet. Classics.

Light lunch (aka salad without dressing, who needs a steak on their birthday?) and then my fave: the Spa experience. Haircut, pedicure, manicure, facial, and maybe - if time allows: a massage, because am eager to practice yoga afterwards: am sure BF will l.o.v.e. Bikram!

Ha! Just as I'm thinking how happy BF will be to watch "Studio Sport" after this beautiful day, realise: why don’t I just shut up, pop the champagne and put the feather mules on.

Nothing better than staying in bed 24 hours on an average school day.

Today's shoes are Stuart Weitzman