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Should I stay or should I go?


SALE signs are up everywhere across the city and as always this is a temptation I find very hard to resist.  Usually I don’t even allow myself to go in to town, just to “have a look”, because I know the outcome.

Bags and bags later, a huge dent in the bank account but with a stupid grin and a couple of heels richer I used to return from my shoe-sales-havens, giddy with pleasure and guilt.
An event which can only be overcome with bubbly. And lots of it.

Being the clever girl I am, I figured this time I will avoid the luring call altogether and just indulge in the shoes I already have.
You know: get them out of their boxes, marvel at and caress them and discover (as usual) that there are even pairs I have never actually worn yet.
Then I will team them up with dresses, make new combinations, put those I have forgotten on show, and just to be safe, have a sip of Prosecco (aka celebration).
It’s not that I NEED a new pair after all, is it?

Note to self: “you shouldn’t even think about”………
Question to reader: “Should I stay or should I go?”
….*quick thinking*…. check…..*nobody’s saying anything *….

Oh that was easy! Temptation wins! See you later!


Today’s shoes are Charlotte Olympia (amongst erg…. others…)