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My 80ties nightmare is a pair of high-waist mommy jeans, worn with a perm to distract from the most unflattering ass ever. But that didn’t stop me from following the nineties denim trend with a stone washed carrot-shaped piece of navy fabric accompanied with the shoe-of-the-hour: jogging highs. (Brrrrrr!) Since then I have been a little careful following “denim trends” and it’s ambassadors (unforgettable: Britney Spears and Justin in a unisex tip-to-toe indigo combo), but this season there’s no way around it.

Denim is back as strong as its woven texture and if you invest smart, you will have at least four good reasons to buy some must-have shoes to complete the outfit du jour (which anyway is THE reason to follow a trend, don’t you agree?). Nothing wrong with a jumpsuit worn with a statement heel now (my favorite for a lazy day, no other styling needed!) or a cute little denim flowery skirt to channel your romantic side (peep toes, booties, sandals!). And although I will have to get used to the legitimate wear of flare jeans, I need a good reason to purchase clogs (back on the runway and hot!).

Best of it: you can mix & match all of the above because the greatest thing of any denim trend (throughout the years): it goes with everything!


Today’s shoes are various
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48 hours in São Paulo

48 hours in São Paulo


Although my heels have been back and running around in Amsterdam for quite some time, I am still caught in memories of lovely Brazil, all the lovely things we saw and the treasured places we visited. One of my favorite cities was definitely São Paulo: a city so vibrant and fast that NYC seems 18th century in comparison (sorry lovely NY: I still love you). So if you have some time (be it just 48 hours) here are some essentials you should go see and take your heels to. (All tips today were provided by my lovely Brazilian friend and local Zaza.)

♥ Take a stroll down Rua Augusta,
a beautiful Boulevard with lots of Boutiques (from luxury to reasonable prices).

♥ Have lunch like the locals and stop by Frevinho.
It’s been there for more than 50 years, and is frequented by all for a hangover cure
on the weekend. I loved their roast-beef sandwich in Ciabatta bread
(loads of mayonnaise and the Brazilian all over pepper: Tabasco)

♥ Have the best ice-cream in town further down the road at “Bacio di Latte” and say hello
to the calories 2000 - 4000 (a sin worth it!)

♥ Also definitely worth a visit: MIS (Museum for Picture and Sound, we saw the
David Bowie exhibition which was mind-blowing - Avenida Europa, 158),
or MuBe (Brazilian art Museum).

♥ The restaurant at MIS is also a tip for dinner and you can take a walk in Parque do Ibirapuera
(think Central Park) before filling your belly.

♥ For the total shopping experience head to Rua Oscar Freire: “posh” brands will happily try to
seduce your wallet and for all luxurious babes: Rua Bela Cintra and Rua Haddock Lobo with shops
like Louis Vuitton and Cartier is your place. For bitches on a budget there are malls
like JK or Iguatemi to get happy too.

♥ But you definitely have to visit Brazilian super shoe brand SCHUTZ at Rua Oscar Freire, 944.
Lovely LOVELY shoes for a fraction of the price you would pay in Europe.

♥ Last but not least (and because shopping makes one hungry - and thirsty): Best bar in the city:
Astor. It’s located in a neighborhood called “Vila Madalena”, which is very famous for its night life. Advertising people and musicians love it, so my place to hang out.

♥ And just for a small night cab: find plenty of nightclubs, bars and restaurants in Itaim!
See you around!

Today’s shoes are Brian Atwood

My Big Fat First Brazilian Wedding

My Big Fat First Brazilian Wedding


Although I knew that Brazilian weddings are huge, I had no idea what to expect when arriving at our almost last destination in Brazil: Curitiba.

On the private acres of our generous hosts (including three houses of relatives, own forest and horse stables) a tent is being built. A tent? It’s more like they're building a rock star concert stage (think Beyoncé), with a chapel built from scratch, dance floor for 800 people, buffet, bar, lounge and toilets that are bigger and more luxurious than in the Four Season's. Ah, and there is a glittery Miu Miu heel indicating the ladies room which I definitely would have snatched away (so beautiful!) had I known where the second one was hidden (it was my size!). And the party people! So glamorous and stylish I guess every red carpet would turn green with envy.

Had to plunder the mother of the bride's closet (thank you Danie, I will be forever grateful), since the flowery dress I brought suddenly didn't seem like such a good idea (patterns ladies, so NOT Brazilian wedding....) and I knew that the designer of the brides-dress (couture!) would be present personally. And yeah. That was all before I ruined my new pair of heels by dancing the night away with all the happy wedding crowd in the most beautiful setting ever. What a night to remember!

P.S.: Am still searching fot that second Miu Miu, but psssssst.... let's keep that our secret, OK?

Today’s shoes are Schutz, a Brazilian brand to keep an eye on!