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It’s Magic!

It's Magic!


Amongst the talents my adorable Mom transferred to me (a lot of them linked to creating beautiful things and drinking impossible amounts of champagne while doing so), I totally lack the gift of her most forceful strength: a green thumb.

Being known myself for killing even the most resistant house plant in an instant, my mom transformed the backyard of our Salzburg home into some sort of Disney Land for beetles, butterflies, and bees (I know for a fact that champagne was involved...) and designed a blooming treasure chest where time seems to stand still and all trouble far away.

Although my understanding of a treasure chest would be more “Sex and the city” orientated (meaning that a huge shoe-closet full of designer heels is involved), I must confess that this little paradise totally lures you into forgetting to check your news feed. Instead this secret garden inspires to sit and read an actual book, jump happily between rose bushes for no reason, pick wild berries, recite Goethe and cut wild flowers all day long.

Actually with your heels off. If you ask me, that’s magic.


Today's shoes are Asos | Prada | Sergio Rossi
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Very Sex and City

Very Sex and City


Had a very SATC like experience with BFF Connie which is always ending totally ROFL.

While our boys dug into toasties and exchanged fun facts about driving vintage cars in the Mugello road race, we girls snuck off to some other vintage: Connie’s closet.

Patricia Field would probably faint upon seeing this amazing collection of old and new, and I am tempted to do just that and let myself fall into her piles of fluffy furry coats. Wouldn’t even mind getting strangled by one of her beautiful Chanel necklaces while doing so…. dying in vintage heaven: how dramatic, very movie like.
Since the movie was on (again) yesterday I am feeling very much Samantha, desperately longing for the hot neighbor (naughty ideas and all)…except in this case I’m drooling over Ferré and Salvatore Ferragamo as I’m taking today’s picture.

So, did we watch the movie than (for the 1.000th time?) Of course!
It’s a total tribute to girls’ friendship, and who could be more Sex and the City than Connie anyway? Question remains: how could Carrie EVER marry a man who tosses Manolos (even if it’s for the happy ending) away just like that?

No one put’s Manolos in a corner. Baby!


Today’s shoes are Manolo Blahnik