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Happy New Year!



The long weekend after the New Year was so peaceful and inviting to do nothing that I did exactly that. Polished my heels, ate the rest of my Mom's cookies, slept in, cleaned out the Champagne bottles and before I knew, duty was calling again, and 2016 had officially started.

What a bliss to look back at the old year and give a warm welcome to 356 new days, completely free to be designed in each of your favors.
I hope they will be filled with new ideas, inspiration, laughter, health and happiness - plus the odd new shoe - which will carry you to great new places and adventures.

Have a fabulous start into the new year Shoemonsters!


Today’s shoes are Balmain

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Random House New York

Random House New York


When Hedi Slimane took on the job as chef designer at YSL and cut the “Y” out of the famous initials to change it into Saint Laurent, I was a little bit grumpy. Yves has always been one of my design heroes, and especially the shoes they created before the take-over (my dear Troopers, my sweet Tributes, my adored Triptoo’s...) are still grazing my shoe-closet as must have classics.

But then again, that was before Hedi’s first show hit the runway and with it an irresistible 80ties rock 'n roll vibe, “laid back cool” attitude, ready to boost your inner fashion “I don’t give a sh.t, I simply look that great” goddess. It’s such a pity that daily life does not come in black & white, because with wearing these clothes you will certainly feel like an aspiring groupie (whatever age) lounging somewhere backstage being captured in a random Annie Leibowitz grainy photograph.

The balance between sophisticated and that tad of sluttish-ness never felt so desirable and most certainly after I tried the (already a classic) Bianca Bow Sandal I am a fan of the footwear too. Unfortunately Hedi never returned my calls so I am still wondering about the name change, but honestly: as long as there’s some shimmering logo cherishing the bags for old YSL times sakes I am just fine.

That, and I’m forever grateful that another old’ gal is presenting the brand (hello Joni Mitchell age 71!) in the new ads, so I feel entitled to do a little advertising too.


Today’s shoes are Saint Laurent | Paul Warmer
Want them? Get them here!

Sheer Top: Bluemarine | Tassled Necklace: YSL | Jacket: La Condessa | Skirt: River Island | Fishnet thights: Wolford | Bag: Saint Laurent for YSL

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A YSL weekend

A YSL weekend


The weekend of Sinterklaas is (not only for the Dutch) the perfect event to gather friends, children, siblings, even pets (if available) and feast yourself through presents, sweets (pepernoten are highly popular) and everything which starts with alc- and ends with -ohol. Since EVERYBODY is partying and I obviously never say “no” to a decent festivity, I hopped my way (in gorgeous heels no doubt) from one celebration to another, hugging, kissing, drinking and eating my heart out.

No wondermthat my Sunday turned out to be a super slow one, cuddling myself through the house, not able to lift a finger any further than to reach for a book, detoxing tea, and of course pet the lovely collection of shoes I wore (one never can be too tired to caress Italian leather...).

You see: yummie, sophisticated, loving weekend: Totally YSL.
Hope you had a good one too!


Today’s shoes YSL | Saint Laurent

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Fashion Week Fierce | BYBROWN

Fashion Week Fierce  |  BYBROWN


Tall, sleek, city amazons are walking down the catwalk, transparent silk flattering their bodies, while exaggerated shoulders make their way down the aisle to pushy beats. It’s the debut of Melanie Brown’s relaunched label BYBROWN at Amsterdam fashion week, leading the selected fashion crowd to frantic applause.

Inspired by water and its restless molecules, Melanie surprised by combining materials such as lyocell bamboo, cork, leather and silk to artfully create a fierce yet feminine silhouette for the modern city woman.

Having been a fan of her work for years, I couldn’t be more proud to attend the show wearing an earlier creation of my designer friend: a couture dream of four layers of different fabrics, showing her craftmanship and eye for detail. Though I feel like a romantic princess and never want to take a step out of my gorgeous gown again, I am now eager to express my inner warrior. Ready to channel the new look of perfect asymmetry (how is it possible!), throwing on the exceptional cape/raincoat and off I will go as the strong fashion combatant pictured. Congratulations Melanie!

About today’s heels: shoe it!
With this kind of stunning outfit we will leave all credits to the dress won’t we?


Have a full look at BYBROWN's collection here!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holiday!


Only one day left in good old 2014 and I find myself at the most gorgeous, yet coldest location ever. While jumping up and down in the park of Klessheim, Austria, I can’t help the thought that this very moment pretty much resembles the extremes of this year.

I’m not a big fan of quotes (unless they contain the words “high heels” or make me giggle (like “DON’T READ THE NEXT WORDS...... “oh - you little rebel I like you”.....), but if there’s something that I learned to be true, it’s that it’s worth to fight for your beliefs: no matter what. There will always be doubters, haters and non-believers but there will also always be YOU to prove them wrong. And YES, you can do it (even when you are freezing your toes off). And YES, keep your dreams as high as the heels that you are wearing.
What 2015 will bring? I have no idea, but I am excited to share it with you. Thank you for being part of all sore feet, blisters, highs- and lows measured in heels 2014.

Happy Holidays my dear shoelovers, I hope we will meet again in 2015!


Today’s shoes are Balmain
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Kiss me!

Kiss me!


Pucker up, ladies. Smooches abounded on the Spring ’14 runways, making their mark everywhere from shoes (Charlotte Olympia) to sunglasses (Jean-Charles de Castelbajac). Saint Laurent‘s Hedi Slimane doused an 80s-tinged ruffle top and short black wrap dress with an allover rouge lip print. Inspired by Yves Saint Laurent’s 1971 Vichy Chic collection, the smackers were a somewhat surprising embrace of the house’s history, and the high street (H&M: Sweaters! Zara: Scarfs!) just couldn’t wait to follow.

If mouthy accessories (anyone in risking a big lip?) are more your taste, look no further than my all time classic: a Lulu Guiness bag. Ah! I could have one in a different shade for every day. Or maybe that Diane von Fürstenberg I-phone cover? Or maybe that classic Chanel lipstick? Bright kisses (printed all over the object of your desire yourself) never run out of style. As does my shoe favorite of this month: Sule Orhan’s “Easy rider”.


Today’s shoes are L’Enfant Terrible.
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Love is in the air, sale everywhere!

Love is in the air, sale everywhere


Isn’t it soothing to know the same procedure kicks in every in December? The air is filled with love and anticipation, lists and giftcards for Christmas are written, and all your thoughts are focused on delighting your beloved ones: your ... ergh....feet of course!

Haven't you been waiting long enough; dreaming about that pair of (unaffordable) 10 inches,
admiring those ____________ (fill in heel designer of choice) from afar?

Well, it’s SALE everywhere now (retail makes it so easy for us shopaholics), and with all that glitter on Christmas trees comes the fabulous opportunity to not only decorate your house for the big event but your 10 best buddies (your toes) as well. Those Xmas gifts for others? Time to start practising that extra charming, extra excusing smile for when your Auntie unwraps that nail-polish remover (245 EUR saved), and your boyfriend gives you the look after receiving the two boxes of tooth picks (another 289,40 EUR saved) you lovingly chose for them.

Just shrug and smile: “Sorry, I spent it on myself” (petting the shiny Marc Jacobs\ Saint Laurent\ Paul Warmer’s you are wearing). It’s Christmas yeah: the time to love and pamper. Especially yourself.

Today's shoes are Marc Jacobs | Paul Warmer
Love them? Get them!