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Thank's to my friend Edwin I find myself caught in the Icebucket madness as well. As if there wouldn't be enough water from above in the Netherlands anyway but it's for a good cause, so all fine.

I'd like to nominate my favorite heel designers Brian Atwood, Ruthie Davies and Charlotte Olympia to join the challenge next, so I won't be the only idiot ruining a beloved pair of heels (Brian, you might go barefoot as well, I know suede leather loafers are a killer to clean!).

Please note that besides all selfish posting fun, donating is crucial to fight a terrible disease, so give as much as you can: your next pair of heel purchase can wait (a little). Here we go, and sorryyyyyyyyyyy shoes!!!!!!


Today's heels were beautiful before they drowned.

February Obsessions

February Obsessions


There's nothing better than the idea that spring is just around the corner (well..... almost... OK), with the new season greeting you everywhere. I appreciate this to the max by diving into all the new arrivals that delight us with color, new textures and shapes. Almost died over Burberry's spring collection (bright metallics wherever you look), and in the event you should hear about a robbery on TV the upcoming days: that might have been me ensuring I have sufficient funds to afford that utterly beautiful bag. *sigh* Oh! And since I've become a (not very secret) stalker of Ruthie Davis' footwear, I'd totally invest that money in her heels too. In ALL of them actually.

If you prefer to act economically rather than be remote-controlled by pre-spring hormones (and still dive into fashion): I recommend watching Bill Cunningham's beautiful documentary "New York". A homage to fashion and glamour, spotted by the most humble man in fashion there is. Oldie (not you Bill!) but goodie!!! Or do as I do whenever I need to be cheered up on one of the hopefully last days of winter grey: a visit to favorite gallery - I could spend HOURS at Reflex in Amsterdam, glued to the work of Harland Miller (well, maybe robbing that bank wasn't such a bad idea after all), or visit my friend Melanie Brown's studio for a spring fashion splurge. If non of the above suits you: I bet flowers will. The tulips are out baby, bye bye January and hello new season!


Today's shoes are Ideal

Dress and blouse: Melanie Brown