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Obsessions Of October

Obsessions of October


Can’t believe that this year has only two months left to go, the “dark side” of 12 months is officially knocking on the heel closet: winter. Time to focus one last time on sandals and open toes WITHOUT the socks granny knitted for you last Christmas and which you never wore until... well *sigh*.

Along with the bonus-card we probably all just scored at the local tanning salon (well: a salmon sun burn definitely fits this season hottest hue), it helps to focus on the bright side, which is very achievable by making every pink shade you can find part of your daily game.

Nesting and cocooning for the rest of the year with a little bit of bright color won’t do any harm I suppose.
Our own (more than 50 I’m afraid) shades of grey will be companions for a long time anyway. And if there is a Carven wool coat for warming up........


Today's shoes are Rupert Sanderson