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Release the sandals!

Release the sandals!


Ladies, it’s the most lovely weather in Lisbon and I am in spring mood (aka wanna jump and hug trees and do like the flowers and the bees)

I don’t know whether it’s the sun, or the fact that its Lisbon fashion week, or that I have a meeting with Prada today (or shall I say my credit card probably has? :-)) or that we will eat at John Malkovich fancy restaurant tonight: everything just seems so bright!

So it’s time to show what God created for open toes and sandals: our feet.
Away with the heavy boots, the socks and the panties we have worn out throughout the past months, up we go for a fresh pedicure, pastel nail polish, the strappy pumps, the bright coloured wedges: it’s spring gals: let’s sport a light sole instead of a bad winter mood.
I say: release the sandals!

Oh wait, I just heard it’s raining in the rest of Europe? Even snowing in Vienna?
Ah… whatever. It’s the spirit that counts!


P.S.: Todays shoes are Casadei