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What the fox say?

What the fox say?


The dutch countryside it is not a place very well known for glamorous partying, disco or any other shizzle, - it’s merely just flat and the fox and the rabbit bidding each other good night will be the only ones talking to you. There is nothing to do besides the excitement to get really, really bored and no high heels to wear but Hunters to chase the odd ducks when their chatter is getting to noisy.

This is the place where I spent my last weekend, having thoughtfully picked a pair of heels with 10 inches only and a wild mix of tartan and tweed for the extra thrill when taking pictures outside at a wind force 10. I guess I just wanted to feel a little bit Scottish, or at least have a reason to wear legwarmers legally in 2015 and ten other layers (except underwear, this is what a tartan deserves at least).

Well, the horses had their blast and glimpsed jealously at my knitted shawl which I’m sure they would have liked to have for themselfs while gambling if their Hollywood mane could stand the wind (mine didn’t).
I just wonder what the fox say?

Today’s shoes are Paul & Joe

Today’s pictures were taken by the lovely Claire De Meijer

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