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Anyone up for a 1000 euros?

Anyone up for a 1000 euros?


Since the Dutch are world Champions in creating new TV reality programs, I just heard about an exciting new one. It’s called “Shopping Queen”, and sounds like they are only looking for one person to sign in: me.

When it comes to spending I strongly believe that I can do more damage to a bank account in a smaller period of time than Pappandreo in his whole period of office (-never vote me for president, just saying…). SO!

Here are the rules:
“5 ladies will get the same amount of money to buy an outfit for a certain occasion”
Aaaaaah!  What will it be: Red Carpet? Party? Sex and the City? Dinner? Date?
I’m all game!

“While one of the ladies is out, the others will have a look in her closet to discover her fashion secret.”
My four competitors will browse my sanctuary? My Holy Grail, my daily inspiration? Touching my silks and chiffon’s, sneezing in my purses (competitors, hmm? I would do that…. if I was them), trying on my (oh…. I can’t even think about it)……….. SHOES????? *gasp* There must be a great reward for this sacrifice.

“The one who is scoring the best outfit during the week will be judged by a stylist jury, and rewarded with 1000 euros shopping money.”
*Erg*. A 1000? For opening my closet to the public?
This must be the world Champion ship in kidding! For that amount you would get 0,4 of Erdem´s Lucietta floral-print dress (the front maybe?), 0,8 of a Celine Bag, 1 Chanel hair band (SS2012), probably one shoe of the Loubies I’m dying to have, and maybe 2 pieces of Strenesse (without accessories though and Strenesse ALWAYS needs accessorizing). Hm.

Spoiled brat that I am (others would say it’s very Linda Evangelista) I decide not to sign up (aka get out of my bed) and have something else for a 1000.

Calories in food that would be.


P.S.: Todays shoes are Jaime Mascaró