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Watch out: Kingsday is looming!

Watch out: Kingsday is looming!


The most crazy day in Holland is just around the corner and every year around this time the same inevitably questions arise. Where to celebrate? (Boat madness? Street madness? Private madness?) How to pull a decent Lindsay Lohan (aka party to the max) without checking into rehab afterwards? And how to sport the must-wear color of the day (orange) without looking like an escaped tropic bird on acid?

Kingsday may be the most frolicsome national event of the year, fashion wise it is a disaster. There is a reason why fashion designers never choose full orange-outfits on any runway EVER. The same goes for footwear, unless you are a sneaker or Crocs person. Dancing, cheering, running around with 800.000 party companions soaking in all the madness will have it’s toll on your outfit (beer showers, canal water, probably rain this year) and your feet (toes stepped on, blisters, scattered glass) so you better be prepared.

I always opt for some cheerful comfy layers and some heels I won’t regret ruining (although NO heel deserves such a cruel fate), wearing a smile on top of everything and making sure my glass (=most important accessoire) is never empty. Then just go with the flow and enjoy to the max. No one ever will be excused wearing bright orange trousers with a tiger print in public on any other day. Be that tropic bird for once and HAVE FUN!!!


Today’s shoes are ZARA
Leather jacket: Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti | Sweater: Filippa K | Silk Shirt: Strenesse | Silk pants: JubyLee | Bag: Tods | Sunnies: Kingsday fleemarket

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Queens night


This weekend the Dutch are celebrating their Queen: a 48 hour frenzy during which people drink way too much beer and dress hideously in orange (so Burberry 2011).

Accessories such as crowns, cowboy hats and boa’s (basically anything you would never wear in everyday life) are sold out for days, making people look like canaries on acid as they dance in the streets.

I would have been no exception if we hadn’t decided to take it slow this year, no plans, just stay at home and take it easy…
A refreshingly different approach to the going completely wild of the last few years (I’m afraid there are still pictures on Facebook of me sitting on a guy’s neck sporting an orange bra and “Eau de Heineken” (aka covered in beer from tip to toe).

Right. That was before I read in the Elle newsletter that tonight is an ultra hip party featuring the DJ duo Auxiliary tha Masterfader and Steve Johnsen.
How could I forget that boyfriend and my friend have to work? And that I will of course be groupie, playing my private leading roll in the Queens-night version of “Almost famous”?

I say bring on the orange accessoires, it’s party as usual!


Today’s shoes are Cube

Today’s photo was taken by the lovely and talented Stefan Csaky