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Thank's to my friend Edwin I find myself caught in the Icebucket madness as well. As if there wouldn't be enough water from above in the Netherlands anyway but it's for a good cause, so all fine.

I'd like to nominate my favorite heel designers Brian Atwood, Ruthie Davies and Charlotte Olympia to join the challenge next, so I won't be the only idiot ruining a beloved pair of heels (Brian, you might go barefoot as well, I know suede leather loafers are a killer to clean!).

Please note that besides all selfish posting fun, donating is crucial to fight a terrible disease, so give as much as you can: your next pair of heel purchase can wait (a little). Here we go, and sorryyyyyyyyyyy shoes!!!!!!


Today's heels were beautiful before they drowned.

Garden Delight

Garden Delight


Like most women I'm a queen when it comes to spending money. As in: wherever, and - of course - whenever. My favorite (no doubt) is to hunt for heels and their inseparable twin, fashion, but put me in a food court, an interior shop, a book store or why not: a beauty department and I will find a way to extend any credit card way over its limit.

And then there are garden centers. You should see my glittering eyes (BF refers to them as freaky) as I unlock a shopping cart (the bigger the better) to pack it within no time with everything mother nature invented to delight my eyes and our balcony.

Unlike the shoe items I score (which can expect a long and prosperous career in my closet), plants pretty much face a death sentence the minute they arrive at my casa. Am not much of a queen when it comes to watering - or maybe I am and simply wait for my servants to do the job (who never show up of course). Guess it’s for the best that in the future I try to maintain the beauty of flowers somewhere else than the square meters I call my “garden delight”. Why not let that be shoes.


Today’s shoes are Le Silla
Today’s photo was taken by the lovely Claire de Meijer