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Sneak Peak Fall|-Winter 2012

Summer hasn’t even fully arrived yet (at least not in the Netherlands) and I have had way too little opportunity to wear all the lovely light summer hues, when the first magazines are already featuring pieces from upcoming Fall|Winter collections.

It’s always exciting to get a sneak peak of “what to wear” in a couple of months and which items to get your hands on now, and I couldn’t be more eager to soak up all the new inspiration.

Find myself wondering if designers’ vision for the upcoming season was “make you faint” though.
Genius Miuccia gives our eyes something to work on (wearing her sixties inspired collection is sure to make you dizzy, plus disappear completely in front of retro wallpapers (= great party escape)), providing us with clownesque lumpy cloggs, which will luckily save me some money (read: no buy, and “hate clowns”).
Adorable Marc instead must have bought the entire collection of “History of French Kings” on DVD: his drafts show both a dignified gravity and are reminiscent of Baroque.
Including the shoes: opulently embroidered, buckles and all.

Bring on the beauty mark, wig and white powder, am fully prepared to rock the Amadeus look. In case of no post tomorrow: might have tipped over while practicing Bourrée and Quadrille in my Louis XVI heels.

Today’s shoes are Vintage

Onstage is the new backstage

Onstage is the new backstage


I’ve been a sucker for backstage areas since I was little. When I was studying to be a classical pianist, I used to sneak in the backstage area of concert halls to hang out with famous piano players (all old enough to be my dad). I don’t know what the fascination really is, I think it lies in the idea of being part of something very special and exclusive. Or perhaps it’s just the fact that there is always free beer :-)

Having anxiously awaited the arrival of my friends Dick Brave and the Backbeats, yesterday was no exception. Happily I ran around annoying everybody (whilst on duty - read light test, sound check, putting grease in their hair), showing off the most amazing heels (scandalous: more pictures were taken of the heels than of me :-) which I had scored especially for the occasion. Mrs Prada must surely have had Dick Brave in mind while designing. Rock ‘n’ Roll indeed! And the concert… oh man, what a show!

As for me I can only say that yesterday definitely raised the standard (not only heel-wise: those beauties are hard to top). Apparently it’s not only: “take it to eleven” but “onstage is the new backstage”.


Today’s shoes are Prada
Today’s photo was taken by the lovely Nancy Cornelissen