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The Good, the Bad & all THAT WHITE: Oscars 2015

The Good, the Bad & all THAT WHITE: Oscars 2015


Noticeably there was a slight revolution going on during the 87th academy Awards held yesterday. The feministic speech of winner Patricia Arquette (appropriately held in a no-nonsense black & white number) and the refusal of Reese Witherspoon to only talk fashion on the carpet (note: she also wore black & white) set the tone for a new modesty, whispering understatement is the new statement.

Exploded voluminous fireworks of fabric gave room to “the new demure”: a humble figure flattering smaller silhouette away from bombastic drama and dresses screaming “I am Cinderella” (Except J-Lo of course but she’s from the block so that’s an excuse). Luckily the multitude of fishtail dresses have had their days in the spotlight too (Rita Ora, you totally spoiled that moment in your Marchesa gown).

Clearly the other trend of the night was taking the white choice of nominated movies quite literally to the red carpet: white was EVERYWHERE. It always makes me nervous just looking at it because in my mind I already spilt some red wine on it and see some food tumbling -in slow motion- out of my mouth and onto the dress.

Saint Laurent (Dakota Johnson, Margot Robbie) was the new darling designer of the night, battling hard with Armani and Calvin Klein for most worn. And although I hated Marion Cotillard's (again white) gown, nobody purrs “Dior” into a microphone better than her.

Also the new pure transformed into hair and make up, I swear everybody will rock sleek do’s this summer, get your irons and gel ready. And statement necklaces (Cate Blanchet, Scarlett Johansson) will be back from never have been away.

To come back to Rees's movement #askhermore: I totally agree girl! No one on the red carpet during all fashion talk was aked what shoes they're wearing. Which was (together with the pouring rain) the catastrophe of the night.


Today’s shoes are ... shoes? WHICH SHOES?
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