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48 hours in São Paulo

48 hours in São Paulo


Although my heels have been back and running around in Amsterdam for quite some time, I am still caught in memories of lovely Brazil, all the lovely things we saw and the treasured places we visited. One of my favorite cities was definitely São Paulo: a city so vibrant and fast that NYC seems 18th century in comparison (sorry lovely NY: I still love you). So if you have some time (be it just 48 hours) here are some essentials you should go see and take your heels to. (All tips today were provided by my lovely Brazilian friend and local Zaza.)

♥ Take a stroll down Rua Augusta,
a beautiful Boulevard with lots of Boutiques (from luxury to reasonable prices).

♥ Have lunch like the locals and stop by Frevinho.
It’s been there for more than 50 years, and is frequented by all for a hangover cure
on the weekend. I loved their roast-beef sandwich in Ciabatta bread
(loads of mayonnaise and the Brazilian all over pepper: Tabasco)

♥ Have the best ice-cream in town further down the road at “Bacio di Latte” and say hello
to the calories 2000 - 4000 (a sin worth it!)

♥ Also definitely worth a visit: MIS (Museum for Picture and Sound, we saw the
David Bowie exhibition which was mind-blowing - Avenida Europa, 158),
or MuBe (Brazilian art Museum).

♥ The restaurant at MIS is also a tip for dinner and you can take a walk in Parque do Ibirapuera
(think Central Park) before filling your belly.

♥ For the total shopping experience head to Rua Oscar Freire: “posh” brands will happily try to
seduce your wallet and for all luxurious babes: Rua Bela Cintra and Rua Haddock Lobo with shops
like Louis Vuitton and Cartier is your place. For bitches on a budget there are malls
like JK or Iguatemi to get happy too.

♥ But you definitely have to visit Brazilian super shoe brand SCHUTZ at Rua Oscar Freire, 944.
Lovely LOVELY shoes for a fraction of the price you would pay in Europe.

♥ Last but not least (and because shopping makes one hungry - and thirsty): Best bar in the city:
Astor. It’s located in a neighborhood called “Vila Madalena”, which is very famous for its night life. Advertising people and musicians love it, so my place to hang out.

♥ And just for a small night cab: find plenty of nightclubs, bars and restaurants in Itaim!
See you around!

Today’s shoes are Brian Atwood

Love is in the air, flowers everywhere

Love is in the air, flowers everywhere


Amsterdam can be a city with the character of a cat. Weather-wise that would be: really smooth and at ease but just when you think all is good - the claws come out. And I’m just saying that because I’m prepared for everything, any time (aka have my rubber boots with me for that sudden bout of rain - ALL THE TIME). But gosh, the city is beautiful when the sun is out, the claws stay in, and nature does what it does best: getting flowers to bloom wherever you go.

I mean, who would even consider staying inside, and not going shopping for some flowery dresses to flatter that mood? Who would even think of hiding in boots rather than the heels that invitingly smile at you to walk them under trees spoiling you with a shower of petals? Who could not see the beauty?

You just go there ladies. The first step in heels outside your door, with that dress too bright and short, and those heels too high to walk on grass: Spring is in the air, love everywhere!

Today’s shoes are Betsey Johnson
Coat: ZARA | Dress: Vintage-Laura Dolls | Clutch: Louis Vuitton | Jewellery: Stylist's own

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J’adore Dior

J'adore Dior


The PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam is to us ladies what the Museum-district is to others: A mouthwatering assembly of art pieces showing all the big masters in one place. Amongst Louis Vuitton and Chanel the shopping Walhalla added another French iconic mastermind to it’s temporary collection, and with the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Carice van Houten and Charlize Theron as ambassadors, it’s a big one.

Only the most beautiful showed up to prettify the event: the runway jewellery (usually only admired in adverts): a hand whisk away, the timeless “lady dior bag”: only one reach for your credit card away (er... not really), plus the current shoe collection (sigh sigh sigh). As inspiring as the pieces of couture (think VERY gallery: just look, don’t touch, handsome man in black gloves will do that job for you) was the audience bringing a touch of French allure (aka all wrapped in Dior from perfume to collar) to my usually so down to earth city.

Nothing better to make you feel like a bit of a French cinderella (oui, oui, goodiebag!), dissolving into couture dreams while disappearing in the night, whispering: J'adore Dior.

Today’s shoes are... you go take an educated guess.
The Dior boutique is open from February 22th onwards.

Raindrops keep falling on my…

Raindrops keep falling on my...


Guess last Sunday was the first reminder that Holland actually only knows two seasons: Autumn-Winter-Autumn-Winter. Nothing wrong with that if it also meant channeling all the great a/w looks brought to us by creative designers. The lingerie PJ-look at Louis Vuitton - a dream come true to wear at zero degrees, the petite Dior hourglass satin heels - fantastic to wear when the sky shows all the symptoms of constant diarrhoea - not to forget all those lovely sensitive white to off-white shades which are great to rock on a dirty, muddy bike ride (that includes make up: a pleasure worn for 5 minutes then turned into a clownesque watercolour).

Well, well, ladies I assume the time has come to keep it real (but optimistic) again. Some happy (old) comfy knitwear, a splurge of (cheerful) colour and the odd unbreakable cheapies (why do only bargain shoes last so long?) will be our companions for a very, VERY long time from now on.

That or I quickly phone Marc Jacobs to send over his driver with some suitcases full of his awesome couture.


Today’s shoes are water resistant at least

Obsessions of September

Obsessions of September


With all the magazines as thick as the Brockhaus encyclopaedia (mainly ads for the new season) I guess it’s official: autumn has arrived. And with it a runny nose, pantyhose, shorter days (sign in with your local tanning salon to grab a little extra Vitamin D now!) and the impossible-to-ignore desire to stock up on everything the catwalks have provided to help prepare feet and bodies for the cold.

Don’t you just love digging into all the new trends? I know I do, and though my favorites this year are way too many to pack into one post, have the slight feeling I will remain a post punk / early rock / 90s-forever chick until winter has me covered in full thermo gear again.

Lazy, as I always become when the days become shorter, I'll be sure to take full advantage of the “new” grunge chic (aka no need to wipe off mascara after partying anymore, so Courtney Love), aka greasy hair (hello, if Marc Jacobs says so, it’s cool!), aka fishnets with more ripped holes than Emmentaler cheese).

The only thing I'm wondering about though: where do I get these teeth grillz that are so popular now? I have always wanted to not only buckle up my booties but my teeth as well. Bring on autumn!


Today’s shoes are Gianmarco Lorenzi


Vive la France!

Vive La France!


BF had to lock

the car all the way to Paris (Oh! Paris! Fashion Metropolis! ) -the only reason I agreed to spend a holiday in France, -to not make me jump out of the car to dash into Bondini, (shoes!) Dior (shoes!) Louis Vuitton (shoes!), etc and spend all our holiday money on a single pair of heels. Very possibly on just one shoe of the new a\w collection only. Or, a brooch for that matter (souvenir!). Or, just simply to have inhaled the luxury odor of some fancy French brand by entering it’s flagship once.

With his feet on the gas pedal like Superman to rescue someone (erg.. well, moi indulging in all the superficial) we arrived in the middle of nowhere in the cutest village and most authentic small cottage in the heart of France to spend the next days calm and quiet.

Guess what. I managed to carry a “Baguette” anyway. It might not be the Fendi version, but it lingers in my arms just like it. And it’s definitely the only accessory needed in St Savinien on the first morning of your French holiday. Vive la France!

Today’s shoes are Relish.


January Obsessions

Obsessions in January


Spending most of the month indoors definitely has its advantages. Loads of time to daydream about new heels, and not going outside ruining them due to the never-ending soaking (or sucking, you choose) weather conditions. Perfect also for tucking into uplifting literature (my cousin gave me the most amazing book which will help moi emerge from hibernation as sleek and lean beauty goddess). Not that I haven't done any exercise yet, but hello: spiritual preparation will do half of the trick and otherwise: statement jewellery (see above) always distracts and keeps eyes away from anything wobbly beneath your neck.

Have also been very busy preparing for the Oscars (if you haven't already, please go see "Amour" and "Beasts of the Southern Wild", both utterly touching), and ditched champagne for once, replacing it with tea (am obsessed now, carrying little Pickwick bags in my pocket everywhere, call me tea-oholic).

And since the weather is nothing but grey it seemed quite logical to develope an utter crush on the black and white Spring/Summer trend (my favorites: stripes and graphic patterns). The latter might also totally help (conceal, conceal, conceal!) if I stay the lazy bum I have been and don't loose that stone I actually intended to. Ah, who cares: as long as my shoe size doesn't increase as well and I can still fit into those beautiful Jil Sander boots, I will be a happy gal. Cheerio!


Shoes: Mango

Socks: Falke | Skirt: Ferre | Ring: Swarovski | Bangles:Juttka & Riska | Blouse: H&M