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Feels like summer!

Feels like Summer!


Winter mood is always “nesting-bird” chic and definitely a comfort to someone suffering from fashion Tourette (new season, new colors, new outfit, new shoes, newnewnew). Muted colors, feathers and fur, PJ trousers and who cares if you hide your toes in Birkenstocks (socks still on) hibernating on the couch with loads of wine.

With the first rays of sun though, not only flowers are blooming but the fashion spirit awakens again, and after the annual panic attack (NEED TO WAX, NEED PEDI!) the desire to slip into open toes and sleeveless shirts reappears, ditching the winter coat for a very long time. YES!
Except that some of this years summer trends are quite winterly: rusty tones (70-ties), feathers on jackets (Burberry), shawls everywhere (Rock star attitude). Sorrynotsorry said all designers and I don't care either, as long as I can take the most appreciated accessory of mine everywhere: the SUN!

Will refuse that Birkenstock trend though which some idiot decided was hot in SS2015. Will save it for next winter (new season, new outfit, new shoes, newnewnew!!!!!!!!).


Today’s shoes are ZARA

Silk Shirt: Escada | Shawl: Strenesse | Necklace: YSL | Bangles: Forever21 | Ring: Vintage | Satchel: my old Kindergarden ones (it still has my old address in it) | Trousers: ZARA

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Getting in the mood

Getting in the Mood!


By the time you are reading this, I’m probably tucked under a warm blanket, belly already stuffed with delicious homemade goodies, and my only concerns being if I can eat another cookie without exploding (aka will I ever fit a shoe-size 7 again?), and which angle of our gorgeous Xmas tree to feature on Instagram (they are simply all beautiful). In two days the house will be filled with jittery kids (cheeks all glowing due to excitement), loving family, and the irresistible smell of our annual christmas dinner.

When the bell rings to announce that Santa Claus had come (in Austria it’s an angel called Christkind), even I will dash into the living room as fast as I can, awestruck by the lighted tree. I will shed a decent tear when we sing (not because we tend to sing out of tune, but because I always find it terribly emotional), burst with pride when my nephews recite poems (yep: tears again) and then destroy all affectionately wrapped gifts even faster than the kids to maybe (PLEASE!!!!!!!) find a new pair of heels (Yes, Please?).

Although, the greatest present of them all: just being together with beloved ones (yes, shoes count as family members), and spending a jolly good, peaceful time. Oh my I’m so getting in the mood!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas time!


Today’s shoes are various
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P.O.P. the Bubbly!

P.O.P. the Bubbly!


My family is sending me hysterical pictures showing the worst flooding in Austria since ages, and (also for the first time in ages) I can only shake my head in disbelief, sending back an update of something which must seem like a bad joke to them: a sunny Amsterdam.

While my home country is drowning I’m also flooded: the most gorgeous smell of sun cream, mixed with the weird plastic odor of swimwear (which fairly enough has been hidden in the closet for too long), plus the scent of the neighbours setting the fire for some BBQ is everywhere in the air. Yes, I couldn’t believe it at first too, but the bright yellow sista (aka sun) is taking a break from hibernation and up again, shining like a superstar and putting a big broad smile on everyones face.

Ladies: to hell with the heels for once: let’s get the flats out (who could resist if they also come in such a cheering colour) and celebrate the heat! P.O.P. the bubbly - it’s summer again at last.


Today’s shoes are Fersengold
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Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


"Wake up, wake up" my nephew squeals, "Santa has already been in the house!" Drowsily I open one eye, only to be almost blinded by my sparkling heels which are already waiting to shine for the big night. Right! It's Christmas today, and the kids must have discovered the tree the adults had decorated (a dear tradition which we celebrate on the night of the 23rd). The house is already buzzing like a beehive. Mom is fumbling in the kitchen (rattling pots and dinner is already smelling delicious), lovely sis (already in festive clothes and haha! can you believe it: heels!) has decorated everything with glitter, cookies and biscuits (there goes my tight outfit).

Before everything will go quiet (aka everybody waiting for the bell to ring so we can storm into the living room) the kids will be taken outside for a Xmas walk, my brother in law will pop champagne, the grandparents will arrange the presents, and BF will shake his head with a mild smile at this bunch of crazy (and very excited) Austrians. But hello! It's Christmas Eve, it's family (read all hugs and kisses) and am loving everything, even tradition of croaking Christmas songs together.

I hope you'll all be enjoying the celebrations as well, being kind for one another, and never forgetting the most perfect gift: a happy smile (OK, the odd heel counts too.)

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Today's shoes are Dune