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Someday, baby

Someday, baby


Although it’s not even May yet, wedding fever is definitely in the air.

Having already told you about the most romantic proposal that our friend Alex pulled off earlier this year (will have to send boyfriend to him for a briefing once he starts showing signs he’s considering popping THE question …), the sweet married-couple-to-be (with their Master of Ceremonies in tow)  are at our place for the first brainstorm for the big event. Or, as Alex used to say: “Someday, baby…”

Having offered to help with ideas for styling (my area of expertise: dresses and shoes) and to design the invitation, I find myself surrounded by a pile of bridal magazines, flipping through pages and pages of “perfect wedding cake” recipes, “maid of honor dress codes” (isn’t one matching color for all just so 2004?), and “seating etiquette musts to prevent family drama”.
Like, seriously?

I simply propose a fantastic looking bride (Jimmy Choo sandals and designer tailored dress), a good setting, wonderful friends, the best DJ in the world (Armin van Buuren is yesterday, it’s boyfriend now). Then just forget about the manners and Rock ‘n Roll!

Now if you would excuse me, I have seating arrangements to make and a perfect cake to bake for tonight. Kim and Alex’s “Someday, baby” planning has started… just now.

P.S.: Today’s shoes are Apepazza