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I’m with the band

I’m with the band


After having a lovely day and perfect evening with Dick Brave and the Backbeats and just when I thought it couldn’t get any more Rock’n Roll, it turns out that Dick is not a dick after all, and his band very brave indeed as they invite me to join them overnight on their tourbus to Wetzlar. By “brave” I mean that I am pretty sure they didn’t know that I would snore the hardest of them all.

Very excited I quickly pack a couple of heels (three for 2 days enough?) and jump on the nightliner. Well, you have probably seen the movies (Almost famous) and read “I’m with the band” by Pamela Des Barres, so I don’t really have to tell you about bands and tour busses. That being said, I have to say though that my friends and their lovely crew are all super gentlemen and have treated me like a lady while I have been trying my best to fit in like a “dude” (including arm wrestling with security and drinking vodka straight from the bottle until sunrise).
Stepping from the bus at our venue next morning, I still feel very much like the drink I favoured a couple of hours ago: very grey, very goose, -very groupie-licious… NOT. Almost immediately wish I had taken my personal stylist with me.
Lenny Kravitz has just arrived too…..


Today’s shoes are Vintage (which is exactly how I feel).