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Hot or Not?

Hot or Not?


Throughout the centuries our feet have been mercilessly abused to reflect current trends, the wearer's status and economic position. Poor Geishas had to squeeze their toes into tiny (and almost impossible to walk in) wooden plateaus (all back on the runway this year thanks to Mrs. Prada), our aristocractic early 19th-century sisters couldn’t even walk outside with their paper-thin slippers of brocade, and its been proven that evolution-wise wearing shoes (am not even talking heels here!) has resulted in less bone growth, resulting in shorter, thinner toes.

However: shoes have always been an extravagance not only reflecting social history, but a personal record of our lives. So I am wondering what Mrs. Philo had in mind when she presented her fluffy, completely fur covered heels this season, sending us visually straight back to ancient (cave man) times where we used to pick our noses in front of a camp fire (there’s a Flintstone-joke in here somewhere).

Certainly your feet will be kept warm and cosy (a plus considering the temperatures in Europe), wearing her runway 2013 creation, but they will also look like a Daisy-Duck-leg clone, tempting PETA-activists to go horizontal to spray your $4,750 mink purchase. So I am really interested in your opinions ladies: Would you wear them? What do you say... Hot or Not?


Today’s shoes are Céline


Let’s skip the” LADY” and go straight to “GAGA” instead

Let’s skip the” LADY” and go straight to “GAGA” instead


OK. Ladies.

Again I have been on the search for a (really) exciting and outrageous shoe for month’s. I mean not something classic, or something you can actually WEAR,
something outrageous, which will not only put me on a plateau, but on adrenalin.
(High standards here on both levels!)

So I came across this beauty.
It IS a beauty, although everyone (men though) I asked about this very pair told me it’s just ugly. “Alien like” I was told and some didn’t get the idea that even
if you are not able to WALK this shoe, it would complete my collection.
(I’m very much used to that actually :-)).

So here is what is happening to me, when I came across a shoe like that.

The switch in my brain that says “ratio” completely turns off.
Like to zero. Nada. Null.
The only thing I see is the “big difference” to any heel I own.
The heel and the platform, impossible to walk through life with it and therefor so interesting (analogy to men accepted…)
The shape, the colour, the cut! So exotic and flamboyant.
“Gaga” devil on my shoulder whispers “buy, buy”, while on the other side (“Lady” - who is responsible for my bank account) holds up against it shouting “no, no”.

I am still in doubt (and in discussion with “Lady” and “Gaga”}
What do you think?
Hot or not?

P.S.: Todays shoes are Thierry Mugler