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Fifty Shades of Real Grey

Fifty Shades of Real Grey


Have been trying my very best to settle into my new position of recovering shoe addict (no more "heeling and telling" every day). But what to do with all this new spare time?

Watching almost everything that's been nominated for a Golden Globe didn't really help, nor did replacing blog-addiction with watching series (Homeland was done in a weekend). Picked up cooking again, but found all cans in cupboard were at least one year past their expiration date (surprise). Waxing all body parts (including nose) in order to emerge as hairless goddess in 2013 got me stuck with a hot waxing strip on one leg and waxing stick glued to left hand for almost half an hour without help. (You try explaining that situation to emergency lady!)

So with all due respect to all of the distractions above, all I have really succeeded in so far has been gaining weight (Chinese take-away is the devil), annoying my friends with calls ("Oh, it's you again, didn't we just speak five minutes ago), and appointments ("Facebook events" are my new best friend). Merely fifty shades of real grey all together.

Guess someone needs new shoes straight away.


Today's shoes are Sergio Rossi