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I Know What You Did Last Weekend

I Know What You Did Last Weekend


Have been talking about that camera team that is coming to film for
months, and months is exactly how long I had to take get everything in shape (talking about the house, the shoes are shined and pretty as always). Well, somehow it seems that in my world redecorating very much resembles that bikini-figure-thingie I go through every year. You know you have to start in advance to really show off some results and somehow - miraculously - never make it in time. *sigh*

Spent the last 48 hours in full (paint proof) body condom to turn chambers (aka lovingly neglected mess) into sophisticated "Elle Decor" worthy photogenic sceneries, so am urgently in need of some glamour. Couldn't resist throwing on an evening gown and slipping on some cuties inbetween paint and chaos to cheer myself up, while realizing that not only will the home makeover not be finished in time, my very own beauty makeover (aka working girl turning model) very probably won't be either.

So now you know what I did last weekend - at least I got high on something else than heels for a change. Paint fumes that is. Bring on that filming crew.


Today's shoes are Sam Edelman