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Get the Overknees out!

Get the Overknees out!


Blame it on the lack of sunshine (bright colors needed), blame it on Grammy Sunday (fun outfits) or maybe it is that Fifty Shades of Grey is almost about to air (SM touch goes mainstream). Put all of the above in a blender and voila: your fashion mind will tell you it is just fine combining a shredded pullover (bright enough to cure Steve Wonder’s blindness) with some badass black leather on your stroll to the average flower market.

Though I’ve always been a fan of a statement boot, this is definitely a look that will make heads turn and nothing for a a highly sensitive shoe sole (typo and it stays...). But then again: Julia Roberts did it all before, so why not play a round of bitch stole my look while whistling “Pretty woman, walking down the street...” I guarantee instant good mood.

Happy Monday everyone!


Today’s shoes are Gucci
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Girlz on Film

Girlz on FIlm


As it can be a little lonely on planet “DJ-wife” during weekends (boyfriend gone again to enchant some crowds in England), I thought I'd pull a little “Taylor Swift number” and invite BFF over to dress in PJ’s, giggle, throw pillows at each other, drink hot chocolate and call that a party.

With some recent boy trouble, swapped the milk thingy for Margaritas though and prepared the sky highs for a natural uplift (always works ladies!), playing a game of “How many Ellen von Unwerth inspired pictures can you take”, praying that none of the uncensored ones leak on Facebook that very same night ("Don't Margarita and post!").

24 hours, two pairs of ripped stockings, 15 squeezed lemons and a sleeping room still covered in feathers and confetti later, the guy is forgotten and replaced by a true and sincere love for dancing in high heels to Madonna tunes ...“Get Into The Groove.....”. Taylor would be so proud. Now off to write a song about that damn looser who ditched my lovely lady.


Today's shoes are YSL | Shoe Girls
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It’s Magic!

It's Magic!


Amongst the talents my adorable Mom transferred to me (a lot of them linked to creating beautiful things and drinking impossible amounts of champagne while doing so), I totally lack the gift of her most forceful strength: a green thumb.

Being known myself for killing even the most resistant house plant in an instant, my mom transformed the backyard of our Salzburg home into some sort of Disney Land for beetles, butterflies, and bees (I know for a fact that champagne was involved...) and designed a blooming treasure chest where time seems to stand still and all trouble far away.

Although my understanding of a treasure chest would be more “Sex and the city” orientated (meaning that a huge shoe-closet full of designer heels is involved), I must confess that this little paradise totally lures you into forgetting to check your news feed. Instead this secret garden inspires to sit and read an actual book, jump happily between rose bushes for no reason, pick wild berries, recite Goethe and cut wild flowers all day long.

Actually with your heels off. If you ask me, that’s magic.


Today's shoes are Asos | Prada | Sergio Rossi
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All that Work!

All that work!


God, vacation is tough.You work all year only to take one week off, during which you find yourself working some more.. Phew.
And I’m not talking 9 to 5 either. It starts early in the morning, juggling fresh Italian bread (crispy crusts are so hard to cut!) with Nutella and coffee (all the work that goes into whisking the milk for cappuccino: gosh!), and doesn’t seem to end all day.

I mean someone has to cut the oranges for the first round of Campari Orange (and make sure that the ice cubes are frozen in time), open all these bottles of wines and turn the pages of the Vogue September Issue (916 pages, I’m feeling a “Tennis arm” coming on and haven’t even set foot on the tennis court - which of course we have - yet).

And the gardening! Jeez, yes your own garden of fresh mint, thyme, basil, lavender (we need all those for the BBQs and sorbets of course) also needs to be tended too. Luckily I’m here with a great team, all working and enjoying ourselves together... suppose I could get used to this kind of life. Even it’s really, REALLY hard.


Today’s shoes are Steve Madden

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A Suitcase Full of Shoetation

A Suitcase Full of  Shoetation


Wohooooo! After a five hour drive up and through the hills between Tuscany and Umbria (note to self: don’t drive off-road with a Fiat 500), we really couldn’t be more rewarded when finally reaching our destination. 10 friends, one week of vacation and an old cottage nicely tucked on the sunny side of a hill, surrounded by olive gardens, old brick houses and bushes of rosemary the same height as me.

In all my enthusiasm I almost forget to open the “magic suitcase” I brought. Literally a suitcase filled with “Shoetation”: sponsored and sent by a lovely shop in Vienna (going by the same name), the owner of which, Mr. Lex, couldn’t be more enthusiastic about heels than I am.

And now here they are, having travelled 2.770 kilometers, all shiny and ready to be worn for, well.... my pleasure, the amusement of my friends here (who are already picturing me hobbling on pebble between rosmary and basil): and you my lovely readers to....tadaaaaa order them all!

Make (heel) Mamma proud!


Today’s shoes are Shoetation

Massive Talent

Music and Lyrics


Don’t know if I mentioned this before, but my first career in life was actually not walking successfully in high heels (aka Lady Gaga: born this way) but being a classical piano player. Therefore, I couldn’t be more supportive about a young generation finding their keys (aka entry) to music delight.

It’s quite a different story though when you wake up after a long night out (after all, you are on vacation) - having re-met eldest friend (we go all the way back to when Chris Rea was considered to be hot) - to some weird sound that makes your toes curl (and not fit in any kind of heel at all): my nephews practising their instruments. Bearing in mind that they are getting tired of playing a flute, the acoustic guitar and the humble piano, and now demanding to get a drum kit and an e-guitar soon (a plus though: they totally get what chick’s dig), don’t see myself visiting for the next ergh... ten years.

Will show up at first concert though, dancing front row and telling everybody who wants to hear that I always knew they had talent. They will have to be so patient. I so suck at singing along....


Today’s shoes are River Island
Today’s picture was taken by my eldest and most lovely friend Eva Reintsch