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A fairytale in eight acts

A Fairytale in Eight Acts


It’s raining cats & dogs in Leiden, one of the oldest dutch cities, outside of Amsterdam. Hardly anybody sets a foot outside and the plushy local theater is deserted. Yet there is vibrant activity in the main hall. Assistants shuffle lights and cables, tons of hair spray dust vaporizes on beautiful models dancing in a iridescent backlight, the swift hand of a make up artist blushing its last stroke on alabaster cheeks.

In the middle of all professional bustle, designer of the hour Esther Dorhout Mees, is focused to the max. Softly she speaks, when the flashlight goes off: “Long fingers, Alice”, “Chin a little bit down”, “Beautiful, hold that”.

We are backstage at “Theatre Decay” the editorial shoot of Esther's latest brilliant work, and I am in Cinderella paradise. Eight gorgeous gowns -a thousand hours of couture work- make there way from dressing room onto the stage, elegantly directed by the designer. There is something very fragile about all this, petit bodies leaning against thick velvet curtains, almost drowning in fluffy polstered chairs. This is were the inspiration for the whole collection has its origin and with today’s work, the journey of an idea will also end.

In an unobserved moment I sneak a pair of heels outside on the theater stairs. After a fairytale photo-shooting like this, it wouldn't surprise me if that prince will stop by, find them (and me) and we can live happily ever after.


Today’s shoes are Dorhout Mees
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Believe it or not, I didn't buy ANY heels in Germany due to too tight schedule (aka giving priority to meeting up with my real friends instead of the ones that come with a heel and end up in my closet). Accordingly, my hunger for some beautiful, exciting designs (aka possible new friends) is as huge as having been on a diet for too long. Very much Pavlov's dog, except I'm not drooling and fantasizing about chocolate, but feeling the usual tingle in my feet (read: heel fever).

Have no choice but must rush to my number one heel dealer Paul Warmer, the sugarfactory for those who are addicted to sweets (the leather version). And am so not disappointed. Here they all align: soft leathers (YSL!), shiny heels (Guiseppe Zanotti!), studded beauties (Balmain!) and OH MY DSQUARED2: almost D.I.E as I'm handed today's stunning pair by lovely PW crew (they certainly know what makes a girl happy!).
Aren't they just designed for a princess?

Am in heel heaven and must rush home immediately to tell prince (aka boyfriend) about it... it's my birthday in two days... might urgently add something to my wishlist.

Today's shoes are D'squared2
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The Cannes Routine

The Cannes Routine


There are a couple of routines in Cannes that everybody follows. Although these may differ slightly (pool party or Palais, beach or boat, BBQ at some villa or partying on the Croisette), they all end up at the same place: the inevitable Martinez Bar.

6 AM, just one last drink for the road, the sun already rising. Just one last chat and one remaining business card to hand over before you are thrown out by the bouncers… I don’t think there’s a single person in town who hasn’t done exactly so this week.

Plain tired and with feet sore from dancing, you start the route home. Following another routine, this one probably the most relieving: taking off your shoes.
It’s such a funny sight: all the ladies with their clutch and last drink in one hand, and high heels dangling on the other while trotting to their hotels.
A caravan of really really black feet, jumping quickly in a well, or running through the sprinklers to cool off a hot night.

I will definitely miss the Cannes Routine. That, and having rosé for breakfast.


Today’s shoes are Buffalo