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Heel Therapy

Heel Therapy


Am a "guilty as charged" fan of gossip and always keen on some girl chit-chat, so when I bumped into Mrs. X on the way home from the supermarket (her with a brand new Mulberry tucked under her arm, me with a bunch of vegetables, life is so unfair sometimes), I was - other than trying to cling on to my greens as if they were some precious Chanel - eager to hear her recent stories.

Was surprised to sense a rather negative vibe though, involving a lot of "s" and "c" words and they all had nothing to do with nice things like "sun" or "cute". Wondering where all the anger is coming from? (Note to self: over-expensive handbag as therapy to make you happy = urban legend).

Am tempted to prescribe a huge mix of other berries (aka Cosmopolitan) to wash down frustration. Also want to hand over TV guide (brand new baby, and utterly soothing literature, I promise, you will relax right away). Am bothered. Surely you can't be all miserable when the weather is beautiful enough to allow sunglasses and a bikini? Wonder if I shall donate my wedges (heel therapy always works) to her: they are not Mulberry, but butterflies always have this positive effect on people. Will generously accept her handbag in return.


Today's shoes are ZARA