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Coming out of the (Shoe) Closet

Coming out of the (shoe) Closet


I was tidying up “the magic” room (aka shoe closet). I really need the space and it’s getting very (!) crowded in there. Besides, we all know that a party (even though held by fancy heels) too crowded is no fun anymore. Also I need to divide heels in sections: the ones I have already shot (a huge pile actually) and the ones that still need to shine for blog. My mission was clear, am totally determined to stick to a hard regime (= merciless matron). Everything out of fashion, that doesn’t fit, has hideous heels or hasn’t been worn in... ergh, OK the last three years (little devil on shoulder begging: pleeeeease, can we make that five) MUST GO.

Although what I find hidden in forgotten boxes (Prada, Ferré, Zanotti) can’t even be looked at anymore (the shape, really? Did I wear THAT?) and certainly hasn’t been worn in a while, I find myself in the middle of a heel fitting, absolutely hesitant to let them go. Very much like South Park: a lot of shouting “Daaaaaad, the Prada’s won’t come out of the closet”. Dilemma, dilemma, I mean if THEY REALLY DON’T WANT TO, why force it?

It’s such a pity for the Ferré pumps too that I decided to be all “Achmed the dead terrorist” and kill it kill it kill it.
Aaaaaaaaaaah, you know having a generous day. And mercy is my middle name. End up inventing a new section in shoe room.

Staying in the closet that is.


Today’s shoes are Prada and Ferré amongst various

Should I stay or should I go?


SALE signs are up everywhere across the city and as always this is a temptation I find very hard to resist.  Usually I don’t even allow myself to go in to town, just to “have a look”, because I know the outcome.

Bags and bags later, a huge dent in the bank account but with a stupid grin and a couple of heels richer I used to return from my shoe-sales-havens, giddy with pleasure and guilt.
An event which can only be overcome with bubbly. And lots of it.

Being the clever girl I am, I figured this time I will avoid the luring call altogether and just indulge in the shoes I already have.
You know: get them out of their boxes, marvel at and caress them and discover (as usual) that there are even pairs I have never actually worn yet.
Then I will team them up with dresses, make new combinations, put those I have forgotten on show, and just to be safe, have a sip of Prosecco (aka celebration).
It’s not that I NEED a new pair after all, is it?

Note to self: “you shouldn’t even think about”………
Question to reader: “Should I stay or should I go?”
….*quick thinking*…. check…..*nobody’s saying anything *….

Oh that was easy! Temptation wins! See you later!


Today’s shoes are Charlotte Olympia (amongst erg…. others…)

It’s all about the red carpet, baby


The Cannes Film Festival is in full swing and while it’s a madhouse for everybody working or promoting there, it’s a red carpet voyeur’s delight to watch the parade of designer garments passing by on an hourly basis.

For those who aren’t familiar with the tiny gem on the French Riviera: Cannes is a bit like Sin City or a very expensive call girl during festival season (that’s basically the whole year): Feeding on those who come to celebrate their peers (ranging from film to plummer festival: Cannes covers it all), pampering them with unreal parties, flattering attention, utter glamour and a very unhealthy schedule.

Cannes also only has three rules: “What happens in Cannes stays in Cannes”, “shine shine shine”, and “sleep when you are dead”. In three letters: F.U.N.!!!!!!!

I will be enjoying the frenzy from home, watching the movies and the vanity fair from afar (I’m in advertising and this festival takes place later this year). Nonetheless a perfect exercise to spot trends and dream about which shoes to pack when a famous movie star (ergh, not in this lifetime I’m afraid), or at least when hitting a red carpet somewhere closer to home (you never know, can happen any time).

So today it’s all about my spot-light-shoe wish list, with only one rule: Pick the most shiny, fragile, stand-out, sky high heel you are sure not to survive five minutes walking in it. But hey: it’s all about the red carpet, baby!


Today’s shoes are (left) Guiseppe Zanotti, Jean-Michel Cazabat, Sergio Rossi, Phillip Plein, (right) Casadei, Jimmy Choo, Rupert Sanderson, Nicholas Kirkwood

Guest list +35

Guest list +35


The last time I was close to something religious was probably when I was 8. Not having been baptized myself and sticking to my own religion “shoeism”, I do remember feeling jealous as I watched the other girls at their confirmation, all dressed up in white dresses and looking like princesses.

Well, that was a long time ago. These days my only envy about something “white” in combination with faith comes with the label “Vera Wang”.

But today is the great day of my return to holy halls (only for my nephew’s baptism though) and I must admit to feeling slightly nervous.
Because as it happens, I do actually have some confessions to make.
“Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. I have had evil thoughts towards my (actually lovely) colleague for owning Louboutins and Sam Edelmans”.
“Dear God, my gods are usually DJ’s. I am very sorry for this but they do put me on the guest list”.
“Jesus, please forgive me for pretending to be famous so I could sneak into fashion week”.

Arriving to celebrate Mass my eyes go wide with disbelief: Turns out Bavaria (of all places) is the only one which put’s me guest list: +35, (reserved exclusively for family and friends) front row!
In a church.

P.S.: Today’s shoes are Guiseppe Zanotti

Shut up and put the feather mules on

Shut up and put the feather mules on


It’s BF's birthday, and being the loving caring girlfriend that I am, planned a day for his full pleasure only.Have been meticulously planning the following schedule for weeks so can't wait to:

Get up really early (thought 6-ish would be cool, aka enjoying the precious morning), do some
Qi Gong in the park (weather conditions are so "cool" as well...) followed by light snack (men love "low carb" bars don't they?).

Introduce BF to real shopping experience. Paul Smith, Ralph Lauren, Giuseppe Zanotti (oops, that one would be for me...), getting rid of the old Converse shoes and introducing Oxfords, Loafers and Jodphur boots to BF’s feet. Classics.

Light lunch (aka salad without dressing, who needs a steak on their birthday?) and then my fave: the Spa experience. Haircut, pedicure, manicure, facial, and maybe - if time allows: a massage, because am eager to practice yoga afterwards: am sure BF will l.o.v.e. Bikram!

Ha! Just as I'm thinking how happy BF will be to watch "Studio Sport" after this beautiful day, realise: why don’t I just shut up, pop the champagne and put the feather mules on.

Nothing better than staying in bed 24 hours on an average school day.

Today's shoes are Stuart Weitzman