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All that glitter IS gold

All that glitter IS gold


Water and the incredible light (aka inspiration for artists such as Vermeer and Rembrandt to do some doodling) have always been an essential part of the history of the Netherlands. And are the reason why thousands of tourists now flood the city every year to explore the charm of the canals.

Living here, the relationship to all that water (mostly coming from above aka rain) and “golden moments” (aka light, aka sun) is only comparable to that of having a baby though. It will cry and pee most of the time (water, water, more water!), which you try to accept, endure and ignore until your nerves are so tense and your own mood so strained that you simply can’t stand it any more. But the moment baby smiles ONCE, just for a few minutes, you will forget everything and simply stand in awe and pure delight, forgetting everything.

It’s 11 o clock at night in my city, it’s summer and I’m walking my lovely heels (brand: Fersengold, this name can’t be an coincidence!). I am asking you: Isn’t the light still incredible? Isn’t the setting just gorgeous? And isn’t this the most beautiful city in the world? Yep, I assure you: all that glitter IS gold, and it’s all worth waiting for.


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