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Some Like it Hot

Some Like it Hot


Weekend get-aways are always a treat, but especially refreshing when the place where you're staying offers (besides lovely company of host) the facilities of a five star hotel. Have been totally spoiled with constant attention and am now especially hooked to sitting endlessly in front of a fireplace, sipping German Riesling and talking all night. In socks though I must confess, as I only brought 3 pairs of heels for 2 days and ruined one of them by taking a stroll to the woods nearby (which I only did because it's twice as nice to be back in front of the fire again afterwards).

Back home totally want to continue the cosy experience (totally "on fire" for fireplaces now) but discover a tiny problem. Certainly have all sorts of lovely heels here to wear casually on some fur, but no fireplace. Hold on (major brainwave...)! Bought cheesy fireplace DVD last year already (can even choose between "fireplace original sound" or "fireplace atmospheric music") which will do perfectly. Have jumped out of socks and into peep toes (it's getting hot in here) when I discover that DVD also contains "special bonus feature" (more fire) "making of" (the fire) and haha! even an interview with the director. Oh my. Hand me over some Riesling. Please.
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Today's shoes are Bullboxer