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The fourth element

The fourth Element


I've always been fascinated with water, especially if it’s fermented with delicious grapes and comes in a bottle labeled 'Champagne'. And while browsing my blog archives it occurred to me that most of the top shooting locations were located near a gorgeous water environment. Welcome to my shooting special.

Totally thrown back by the marvelous settings, I started daydreaming in the middle of the winter about the rough windy beauty of Pantellaria, an island I had never heard of before. The memories of struggling in a paddle boat on lake Fuschl on a beautiful summer day and don’t get me started on the most outrageous BEST EVER journey to Brazil, with its dreamy coast line and crystal clear sea.

Everything seems so much easier when you are surrounded by that fourth element, some sun and a decent summery sandal (or wedge). Therefor I might just jump into the bath tub and pretend it’s a wild, untamed ocean. Heels on, and why not pop some champagne too. It’s water after all.


Today’s shoes are KarenMillen | Ritalaelisio | Zara
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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holiday!


Only one day left in good old 2014 and I find myself at the most gorgeous, yet coldest location ever. While jumping up and down in the park of Klessheim, Austria, I can’t help the thought that this very moment pretty much resembles the extremes of this year.

I’m not a big fan of quotes (unless they contain the words “high heels” or make me giggle (like “DON’T READ THE NEXT WORDS...... “oh - you little rebel I like you”.....), but if there’s something that I learned to be true, it’s that it’s worth to fight for your beliefs: no matter what. There will always be doubters, haters and non-believers but there will also always be YOU to prove them wrong. And YES, you can do it (even when you are freezing your toes off). And YES, keep your dreams as high as the heels that you are wearing.
What 2015 will bring? I have no idea, but I am excited to share it with you. Thank you for being part of all sore feet, blisters, highs- and lows measured in heels 2014.

Happy Holidays my dear shoelovers, I hope we will meet again in 2015!


Today’s shoes are Balmain
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Girl at Ipanema

Girl at Ipanema


Have been trying flip flops (the Brazilian version: Havaiannas) for the past three days, but seriously: I’m not made for this kind of footwear. With blisters the size of the lemons they put in their Caipirinhas here, had no other choice than to change from flats to heels while strolling the lovely beach of Ipanema on yet another beautiful day in Rio. The city is so vibrant, and life seems wonderfully free and easy here, it is amazing how the recipe of sun, warmth, beach, and ocean always does its job. (The occasional Caipirinha works magic too I must confess).

Also wherever the cocktail described above is daily standard (talking weather ladies, not alcohol... ) styling issues are basically non-existent: all you need is a bikini, some sort of cover (dress or shorty short, who cares) and off you go. Favorite accessory of the day (any day since we've been here): a fresh coconut and some music in my head.

“The girl from Ipanema goes walking
And when she passes I smile, but she doesn’t see
She just doesn’t see
No she doesn’t see”

Today’s shoes are Zara
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