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What the fox say?

What the fox say?


The dutch countryside it is not a place very well known for glamorous partying, disco or any other shizzle, - it’s merely just flat and the fox and the rabbit bidding each other good night will be the only ones talking to you. There is nothing to do besides the excitement to get really, really bored and no high heels to wear but Hunters to chase the odd ducks when their chatter is getting to noisy.

This is the place where I spent my last weekend, having thoughtfully picked a pair of heels with 10 inches only and a wild mix of tartan and tweed for the extra thrill when taking pictures outside at a wind force 10. I guess I just wanted to feel a little bit Scottish, or at least have a reason to wear legwarmers legally in 2015 and ten other layers (except underwear, this is what a tartan deserves at least).

Well, the horses had their blast and glimpsed jealously at my knitted shawl which I’m sure they would have liked to have for themselfs while gambling if their Hollywood mane could stand the wind (mine didn’t).
I just wonder what the fox say?

Today’s shoes are Paul & Joe

Today’s pictures were taken by the lovely Claire De Meijer

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Autumn hues on the loose

Autumn hues on the loose!




Pappa November has gone crazy the past few days, pouring its painting pots all over the city.
Trees and bushes are tumbling into a punch drunk color frenzy, and so do I.

Well, at least the bottom of my closet was looking exactly like Amsterdam streets, all covered in a mess of luminous yellows and all the shades of red, pinks and browns you can think of. Yes, was adapting my closet for the lower temperatures, felt a little tipsy on texture, over dozed on bold tones and fell in a color coma.
When I woke up I had forced my BF to document me running in the wild with a bunch of flowers, kind of like an Olympic torch going in bat for my favorite season.

Good thing: I found many many gorgeous shoes which I abandoned in boxes over the summer.
Bad thing: I might still sit in a pile of bold tones arranging wild combinations oddly instinctive by spring.

If you are a prince, come along and kiss me out of my delicious delirium. Or forget about the kiss and bring a pair of heels instead. Bright colors and prints welcome.

Today’s shoes are my all time favorite Charlotte Olympia (which had slept in their box way too long)

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A day in France

A day in France


A weekend getaway which does not imply packing suitcases neatly for a flight (in other words a legitimate fear that overweight baggage will cost as much as ticket or a pair of nice heels on sale) always evokes kind of a fashion-Tourette. More, more, more it is, so I step into our car for a surprise trip, trunk stuffed with heels, back seats covered with clothed hooks (another happy Tourette: no creasing, no creasing, no creasing!).

What a bliss that the destination chosen turns out to be the heart of the Champagne region, which -with all it’s luscious greens- just perfectly fits an equally coloured extra long skirt and delicately printed blouse (could be grapes, who knows?). A game of “Where's Wally” well played! The heels of choice, a dream in creamy suede, which are perfect for a day strolling vineyards. A heel high enough to bog down in Moët & Chandon soil (all worth it), low enough to prevent keeling over after the second champagne-tasting. The sun is shining and the hues of green are my favourite color now! Cheers!

P.S.: To go all-excited-while-packing is a delight if your car does not break down half-way and you find yourself in the middle of nowhere in ten inches, looking like an oversized fashion-wreck carrying your carefully chosen 10 kilos of baggage by yourself to the next garage. But this is another story and will be told..... NEVER!

Blouse: Laurel | Skirt: Escada | Pullover: Allure | Woolen bag: Stylists own | Nylons: Falke

Today’s shoes are Hogan

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The Great Wedding

The Great Wedding


So far it’s been a year full of love, and wedding announcements (and the follow up parties) have popped up like mushrooms on acid throughout the past 365 days. This fourth one was extra special to me though, not only because I’ve been planning and designing the event for month, but it was also the big day for my sweet baby sister, my best friend and high heel soul mate.

Hours and hours we spent on picking the theme (Great Gatsby), marveling dresses and shoes, picturing the event in it’s brightest (champagne) colors. Feather stolas were casted, bridesmaids gowns selected, pearl necklaces (ultra long) ordered. Everyone came in their finest costumes, their best heels, throwing in their every two cents worth to honour bride & groom.

And after all the long hours planning and spending so much time & effort in lovely but pricey details, I realised that the biggest and most precious good achieved was actually the brides smile at the event itself and the guests all laughing and dancing until the early morning hours, not wanting to leave the lovely castle in Austria where the event took place.

Priceless love, fantastic memories, a pair of COMPLETELY ruined shoes, one pearl necklace shredded, a hangover as large as the party itself: Mr. Gatsby would have been so jealous.

Today’s heels are a bargain steel (pimped with a little tulle) from a market in Spain. I never had more fun dancing.

20ies Dress: MarleneBirger | Jewellery: Swarovsky | Clutch: ZARA | Feather stola: Marc Cain | Hair piece: Vintage

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A fairytale in eight acts

A Fairytale in Eight Acts


It’s raining cats & dogs in Leiden, one of the oldest dutch cities, outside of Amsterdam. Hardly anybody sets a foot outside and the plushy local theater is deserted. Yet there is vibrant activity in the main hall. Assistants shuffle lights and cables, tons of hair spray dust vaporizes on beautiful models dancing in a iridescent backlight, the swift hand of a make up artist blushing its last stroke on alabaster cheeks.

In the middle of all professional bustle, designer of the hour Esther Dorhout Mees, is focused to the max. Softly she speaks, when the flashlight goes off: “Long fingers, Alice”, “Chin a little bit down”, “Beautiful, hold that”.

We are backstage at “Theatre Decay” the editorial shoot of Esther's latest brilliant work, and I am in Cinderella paradise. Eight gorgeous gowns -a thousand hours of couture work- make there way from dressing room onto the stage, elegantly directed by the designer. There is something very fragile about all this, petit bodies leaning against thick velvet curtains, almost drowning in fluffy polstered chairs. This is were the inspiration for the whole collection has its origin and with today’s work, the journey of an idea will also end.

In an unobserved moment I sneak a pair of heels outside on the theater stairs. After a fairytale photo-shooting like this, it wouldn't surprise me if that prince will stop by, find them (and me) and we can live happily ever after.


Today’s shoes are Dorhout Mees
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Lookbook: Fashionweek

Lookbook: Fashionweek


Fashion week usually leaves me in a delightful fashion-coma for weeks afterwards: So much beautiful fashion to digest, so many trends to take in, inhaling inspiration with every fiber of a fashion addicted mind. In between champagne (excitement) and finger food (no time to eat otherwise) the adrenalin rush during this short time of frenzy is quite high - the fashion babble, interviews, outfit changes, burning feet due to running around, picture posing, people spotting: what a great circus to be part of!

I love every minute of it and have to thank 3 exceptional designers who made this year once again red carpet worthy (and 3 special pairs of heels to not let me down during all hasty sprints from one show to another). Please find my sketchbook of all the lovely ingredients for yet another unforgettable week above. I’m still in the clouds and want to keep on pretending that it’s o.k to jump around in evening gowns during day time, turning around for photographers (even if there are none) and keep on walking like there would be a red carpet everywhere.

Cold turkey now. Duh.


Today’s shoes are Casadei | Prada |Manolo Blahnik
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Sneak Peak autumn|winter

Sneak peak Autumn|Winter


Fashion and “seasons” work in mysterious ways. While the hard core fashionistas are just now busy following Mamma Wintours footsteps streaming summer collections for next year, the average shopping gal must accustom to windows filled with pullovers and quilted trousers (not to forget this winters ultra heavy boots) while temperatures still scream mini skirt (well, sort of: as always the Netherlands might be an exception).

When new seasonal items hit fashion mag’s they have been shot half a year in advance (aka, aren’t they sooooo 6month ago?) and by the time I will have starved myself long enough to make that Dolce and Gabbana fairytale coat (a|w 2014) or that GORGEOUS fringed Brian Atwood boot (*sigh*) my own all snow of 2015 might have melted and I might consider a bikini wax again.

But have to admit it has its charm lounging somewhere warm, armed with the bible (read: Vogues Collection of the entire upcoming winter fashion) and getting all inspired what key items to stock for the cold days. Well, maybe my anticipation went a little too far though. Wearing woolen socks at 30degrees put my toes in kind of a pre-fall sweaty coma. Might have to buy that fringe boots to make up with them again.


Today’s shoes are Corello

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