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A fairytale in eight acts

A Fairytale in Eight Acts


It’s raining cats & dogs in Leiden, one of the oldest dutch cities, outside of Amsterdam. Hardly anybody sets a foot outside and the plushy local theater is deserted. Yet there is vibrant activity in the main hall. Assistants shuffle lights and cables, tons of hair spray dust vaporizes on beautiful models dancing in a iridescent backlight, the swift hand of a make up artist blushing its last stroke on alabaster cheeks.

In the middle of all professional bustle, designer of the hour Esther Dorhout Mees, is focused to the max. Softly she speaks, when the flashlight goes off: “Long fingers, Alice”, “Chin a little bit down”, “Beautiful, hold that”.

We are backstage at “Theatre Decay” the editorial shoot of Esther's latest brilliant work, and I am in Cinderella paradise. Eight gorgeous gowns -a thousand hours of couture work- make there way from dressing room onto the stage, elegantly directed by the designer. There is something very fragile about all this, petit bodies leaning against thick velvet curtains, almost drowning in fluffy polstered chairs. This is were the inspiration for the whole collection has its origin and with today’s work, the journey of an idea will also end.

In an unobserved moment I sneak a pair of heels outside on the theater stairs. After a fairytale photo-shooting like this, it wouldn't surprise me if that prince will stop by, find them (and me) and we can live happily ever after.


Today’s shoes are Dorhout Mees
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A Little Fairytale

A Liitle Fairytale


Funny, crazy creatures us women are. We consider “shopping” a sport, “challenge” a purchase at net-a-porter, chocolate cake a sin, and sometimes we confuse romance with a price tag attached to an over-expensive bag. Modern princesses we are, always on the hunt for something sweet to delight our day (less the fattening effect of course).

Happened just recently that I bumped into something very very sweet (nope, no calories involved!) which left me totally happy and high on adrenalin - and am sure you can see where this is “going”: shoes.

Just around the corner from Amsterdam's busy high street (aka the Kalverstraat), OPEN SHOP is tucked away from the obvious and offers exactly the opposite: hand picked lovely fashion, individual accessories, and (affordable) high heels which will raise your metabolism more than that spinning class you recently signed up for. A little fairytale!

Oh, you don’t believe in fairytales? Well, believe in the slogan of this small Amsterdam gem: “Your husband called, you can buy whatever you like”. Better than chocolate cake I’d say.


Today’s shoes are Salt & Pepper
via Open Shop

The girl who trod on the loaf

The girl who trod on the loaf


While I was sick last week, mainly feeding on soup and tea, I completely forgot about a loaf of bread which survived almost a week without any signs of decomposition. “Hmmm” - I thought: “I wonder how many preservatives are hidden in this?”

This reminded me of the Andersen fairytale “The girl who trod on the loaf”.
For those who are not familiar with the story: very vain (but presumably stylish) girl uses a piece of bread as a steppingstone to keep from soiling her (fancy) heels while crossing a dirty puddle. She sinks, ends up with the ugly Marsh Woman and has to pay for her naughty tempers for the rest of her existence.

So far, so good: in a way I totally agree with the poor girl. Although I probably wouldn’t abuse something edible, I definitely try to protect my heels when it comes to puddles and such. Think all things wet, sand, heel-insecure means of transportation, small men (that’s more for self protection though: who wants to stare at baldness), etc.

So I couldn’t help but wonder if Inge (the girl’s name) would have been better off with a loaf of Dutch bread in her hand.
Obviously packed with chemical substances, light as a feather as it lacks all healthy (heavy) full grains, she would have slid elegantly to the other side.
The best thing? You can easily squeeze these types of dutch pastries into a Fendi baguette-clutch (no pun intended… :-)).
The bad thing? If my bakery of choice reads this, they will never greet me again.
Who cares: carbs are so 2011 anyway.


Today’s shoes are Topshop